Weekly Update: What’s happening when you are 27 weeks pregnant ?

27 weeks pregnant

 In the 27th week of your pregnancy, your symptoms continue to amplify, while your excitement, anticipation and nervousness continue to mount. Hang in there, because before you know it, your pregnancy journey will be at its end and you’ll be holding a wee little angel in your arms! But before we start daydreaming about that, let’s look at what’s in store in week 27 of pregnancy!

27 Weeks Pregnant - Signs and symptoms

Unfortunately, all the symptoms you’ve been experiencing in these past few weeks aren’t going to magically disappear anytime soon. 
As your weight gain continues and the pressure on your feet, along with the blood flow increases, you’ll experience frequent leg cramps that may limit your mobility. Avoid sudden movements or a quick change in position. 
The growing baby and your expanding uterus will keep putting more pressure on your back and ribs, making backaches a constant issue. Make sure you sleep on your side, as sleeping on your back may put additional pressure on your spinal cord, causing serious problems. 
Your expanding uterus not only pushes against your back and ribs but also against your intestines. Add the spike in hormone levels to this, and you will find yourself struggling to pass your daily stools. Constipation is a common feature of every pregnancy. It is extremely important that you don’t exert too much pressure to pass stools. 
Rise in hormones may also lead to stronger and thicker hair and nails. You’ll also notice your hair and nails growing faster than they ever did. While this is a welcome symptom of pregnancy, it will return to its normal state after delivery. 
While you’re planning to stock up on diapers for your baby, you can’t help but wonder if you should get some for yourself too, considering your low bladder control. It’s because of the amount of pressure the baby is putting on your bladder. You may end up peeing a little every time you sneeze, cough or laugh. It’s completely normal and natural, so don’t feel too bad about it. 

27 Weeks Pregnant -What’s happening to the baby?

By now, the baby has grown up to approximately 14 ½ inches and weighs around 907 grams. 
Your baby’s little lungs are rapidly developing, and as a result, it’s busy practising inhaling and exhaling. Presently, it’s breathing amniotic fluid, but it’s also a practice for when the baby arrives! 
The baby can now open and close its eyes, perceive light and identify day and night. Although your baby’s brain has more or less developed, it’s now undergoing some fine-tuning and becoming more and more complex. Its taste buds are also now getting sharper and better, so it can distinguish between the various foods you consume. If you eat something spicy, be ready to expect tiny hiccups reverberating throughout your belly. These hiccups are nothing to worry about and will pass soon enough. Although you should limit your intake of spicy foods, to avoid acidity problems. 
If your partner puts their ear on your belly, they may actually be able to hear the baby’s heartbeats! Isn’t that amazing? 

27 Weeks Pregnant -What should I be doing during this time?

As the days go by, you find yourself thinking more and more about labour and the due date. So, it makes sense to already make arrangements at the hospital for your delivery. 
Whenever you experience leg cramps, slowly stretch your legs and flex your feet until the cramps subside. You should sleep with a body pillow that can help relieve the pressure from your hips and back, and also help you find a more comfortable position to sleep in. 
Drink lots and lots of water, eat foods rich in fibre, and go on frequent walks to find some relief from constipation. If you’re still struggling, then don’t hesitate to ask for stool softeners, fibre supplement or laxatives that are safe during pregnancy from your doctor. 
While there’s not much you can do about your reduced bladder control or frequent urge to pee, you can invest in some panty-liners and dark coloured pants. Try to sip on water in short intervals instead of drinking a lot in one go.
If you notice any symptoms that you haven’t experienced all this while, or see bleeding, a watery discharge, sharp abdominal pains or contractions that don’t stop on their own after a few minutes, call your obstetrician immediately.

27 Weeks Pregnant -What should the partner be doing during this time?

If you think you should start looking into paediatricians for your baby, feel free to ask your friends and family for references, as that might help narrow down your search.
Start making arrangements at the hospital for the delivery day and after. If you haven’t narrowed down a hospital, do so immediately! 
Avoid stress as much as you can, and make sure the mom is stress-free too. Make sure she’s comfortable and is getting plenty of rest and nutrition. 
If you have any more questions, ask us! 


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