Weekly Update: What’s happening when you are 28 weeks pregnant?

28 weeks pregnant

Say hello to the third trimester of your pregnancy! This is the home stretch – the final trimester! The 28th week of pregnancy is highlighted by lack of sleep. These are the days when you’ll find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night wondering what to do with your life.  Your baby is growing steadily, making interesting developments and getting comfortable in your belly, until it’s time to say hello to the real world. While you wait for the baby’s arrival, perhaps you should read up on all that’s happening in week 28 of pregnancy. 

28 Weeks Pregnant - Signs and symptoms

The closer you approach to your due date, the more difficulty you face while falling asleep. This will leave you feeling even more moody and irritable, since you’re already so tired and in dire need of sleep! 
You may feel out of breath even if you haven’t been very physically active. You’re experiencing shortness of breath because your growing baby is pushing against your lungs and diaphragm. 
Your uterus is practising contractions for the big moment when the baby arrives – these contractions are called Braxton-Hicks contractions. Although you may have already been experiencing these since the past few weeks, the frequency of these contractions is likely to increase. To make it stop, simply change your current position. If the contractions continue even after you’ve shifted into another position, call your obstetrician immediately. 
Your body is relentlessly working overtime to provide for your baby during as well as after pregnancy. So, your body is already producing milk for your baby. Unfortunately, you may experience some leakage already, before your baby has even arrived! 

28 Weeks Pregnant -What’s happening to the baby? 

By week 28, your baby measures approximately 14.8 inches in length and weighs almost a kilogram! 
A layer of fat continues to develop under your baby’s skin, thus making its skin smoother and supple. Its lungs have fully matured and the breathing practice continues. 
Its eyelashes have fully formed, and it can now blink its eyes. It may even be able to see the light that manages to get in to the womb. Your baby is not only gaining weight and growing in size, but also becoming smarter. While you are dreaming of the baby’s arrival, there’s a probability that your little one is having little dreams of its own too! Doesn’t that sound amazing? 

28 Weeks Pregnant -What should I be doing during this time?

Starting this week, you’ll probably have an ultrasound scan every two weeks to monitor your baby’s health and development. (Please note: sex determination via ultrasound or any other methods is illegal in India.) 
Sleeplessness may tempt you into undertaking pending chores or other work to help pass the time. We suggest you to just focus on relaxing. You can do something relaxing like reading a book, listening to soothing music, or even drinking Chamomile tea to help you fall asleep better. Yoga and meditation can prove to be helpful too. 
Use a support pillow between your knees or under your back to help you sleep in a more comfortable position. 
To combat the body ache, first and foremost, avoid exerting yourself too much physically. Undertake mild exercises, do some light stretching or swimming, or best – get a prenatal massage! Using a maternity belt to provide extra support to your back can work wonders too. 

28 Weeks Pregnant -What should the partner be doing during this time?

Accompany the mother to every ultrasound scan. 
Make sure she’s getting enough sleep throughout the day if she hasn’t slept well in the night.
Give her a back-rub or a foot massage every now and then. She’ll appreciate it the most.
While your obstetrician will be constantly monitoring your baby’s growth and health, and is in the best position to guide you, be prepared for the possibility of a premature birth. Discuss the possibilities, risks, safety measures and treatments with the doctor, so you have a clear idea of how things will pan out. 
If you have any more questions about your pregnancy, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments below! 


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