Weekly update: What’s Happening when you are 29 Weeks Pregnant ?

  • June 01, 2018
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29 weeks pregnant

Your 29th week of pregnancy will be highlighted by the increase in your baby’s physical activity, which will offer you an amazing insight into the little human’s personality. Also, as the weeks go by, you may find it difficult to stay on the move for longer durations. To know more about the signs, symptoms, and progress taking place in this week of your pregnancy, read on. 

29 Weeks Pregnant - Signs and Symptoms
You’re probably already familiar with irregular sleep patterns and fatigue by now. This, coupled with most of your blood supply going to your baby, is likely to cause headaches and light-headedness. Many women also experience dizziness during this time due to low blood sugar levels. So, make sure you’re eating at regular intervals. 

As much as your body is working overtime to accommodate the growing baby, it is fast running out of space. As a result, your internal organs – mainly, the digestive system – face tremendous pressure. In this last trimester of your pregnancy, you may experience severe constipation and haemorrhoids, along with acidity, pain in the pelvic region and constant urge to pee. 
You may also experience itchiness and sensitivity in the skin on your belly. This is because your skin is stretching, becoming thinner. Additionally, hormonal imbalance and higher amount of blood supply to the womb could also cause dryness, making your skin feel itchy. In case you experience intense sensations of itching or burning, or notice a rash, contact your obstetrician immediately. 
In preparation for the delivery, your joints and ligaments are growing softer and feel looser. This reduces its ability to bear the pressure of the weight you’re carrying and causes soreness and aches. 

29 Weeks Pregnant -What’s happening to the baby?
Your baby has grown to approximately 15.2 inches in length and 1.1 kilograms in weight! 
The baby is turning out to be quite the gymnast in there, with the kicking, swimming, somersaulting and whatnot! This is mainly because of a variety of reasons: it's feeling a little cramped in there, it’s practicing its moves for the real world, and it’s becoming smarter and more coordinated. You’ll also notice that the baby has a set schedule of its own, where it’s active during specific hours of the day and quiet at other times. In some cases, its schedule will match that of the mother, but in other cases, the baby will march to its own beat! Both are perfectly normal scenarios. 
On an average, you may notice your baby’s movements up to 10 times in less than two hours. If you feel that the baby hasn’t moved in a while, drink some cold water, play some music or get a belly massage. Any of these tricks will work to wake up the little one. If you still don’t notice movement or are worried about the frequency of the baby’s activities, consult with your obstetrician.
29 Weeks Pregnant -What should I be doing during this time?
Pay attention to your diet, and make sure you’re getting plenty of Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, proteins, iron, calcium, and fibre. These are crucial to meet your growing baby’s nutritional requirements as well as your own health. Eat small but nutritious meals at regular intervals and stay hydrated to ease sluggishness, low blood sugar levels, constipation, and acidity. Consult with your doctor on the appropriate dietary supplements and medication to ease digestive problems during pregnancy. 
Ask your doctor to recommend a body lotion that’s safe during this time, to soothe and heal itchy skin. 
Avoid standing up or sitting down suddenly, as it may aggravate the pain in your joints and back. Undertake light stretching exercises under the supervision of a fitness trainer. 
Now is a good time to start stocking up on baby supplies and your own health and wellness needs. If you haven’t shortlisted a paediatrician for your baby, you should look into that too, before things get really hectic. 

29 Weeks Pregnant -What should my partner be doing during this time?
Husbands, it’s your job to make sure she’s eating well, taking her supplements and getting plenty of sleep. 
Don’t hold back from giving her regular hot compresses and foot and back massages to ease the soreness in her joints and muscles. 
While the mom-to-be is working on her physical fitness, you should join her too. Not only will this motivate her, but it’s important for you to be in good shape as well! 
Make a list of baby supplies as well as everything that the mom will need. And start stocking up on these. You have to be more hands-on now, so there’s not last minute chaos. 
Take it easy, try not to get too anxious about the baby’s arrival, and get plenty of rest and healthy food. Don’t hesitate to pamper yourself every now and then. If you have any questions, drop a comment! 

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