3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Having Your Second Child


Deciding whether you want to have a second child can be more challenging and contemplating than deciding to have your first child. With your first child, you are still in the phase of deciding to start your own family. But when it comes to the second child, it is more about switching the current family dynamics.Children, sure are a beautiful gift to your life, so here are 3 questions you should ask yourself before having your second child:

1. Are you both on the same page?

It shouldn’t be about persuading your partner to have another baby, but both of you should be on the same page. Having a second child should be a joint decision. Always step back from the situation, give it some time, and then come to a collective decision. Make sure that you discuss every aspect honestly with your partner. Think about ways how both of you can manage and make time for your own relationship while also making time for your kids.

2. Are you financially ready?

You need to be financially ready to have another baby on board. Luckily, you can save up on a few initial investments such as cribs, and baby clothes from your first child. This is also wherein experience of taking care of your first born comes in handy as you will be able to make better decisions financially.

3. Will the second baby change our family dynamics?

There is no denying the fact that having a baby does change everything. Right from your first born to your relationship with your partner to the complete family dynamics, everything changes. Your first born may feel a shift in the attention and time because you are constantly changing and feeding the newborn. Time management would play an important role here when you would be juggling quite a few hats. Having some time for yourself, giving quality attention to your first born, looking after the newborn, spending time with your partner, doing your work and getting rest, all of this needs to be done in 24 hours. It may seem daunting but all of the hard work pays off in the form of love and support that your family that has now grown, showers on you. Sure the second baby will change the family dynamics, but it’s always only for the better.

It is essential to consider all of these aspects to help you clear your head of all the doubts about a second child. Do you know of any more questions that you can ask yourself before having a second child? Help everyone by dropping them in the comments below!


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