Weekly Update: Week 30 of Pregnancy

30 weeks pregnant

You’re at that stage of this journey where the only conversations happening around you are the ones that are all about pregnancy. You’re probably getting some looks too – ranging from concern, to excitement, to understanding, to plain curiosity. Don’t let it make you feel very conscious. You’re doing a great job, so own your pregnancy like a boss! By this week of your pregnancy, perhaps the only thing you can feel is your growing belly and everything happening inside it. That’s perfectly normal since you’re so close to the finish line and your baby is making some amazing developments too! Now, without further ado, let’s look into what’s in store in week 30 of pregnancy. 

30 Weeks Pregnant - Signs and Symptoms 

You may hardly be able to sleep for longer stretches now, and when you finally do catch some sleep, you see some pretty weird or scary dreams. This could be caused by the raging hormones as well as the anxiousness surrounding the pregnancy and delivery
You’re probably feeling bloated all the time, and anything you eat seems to cause gas and acidity. This could be a collective response to the lack of sleep and pressure on the digestive system and hormones. 
You can barely walk two steps without feeling out of breath and dizzy. You’ll also notice swelling in your ankles and wrists, which will subside on its own a few weeks after you’ve given birth. However, if you experience severe pain or intense swelling, consult your gynaecologist immediately.
You may experience sharp pains in your chest area because your uterus has moved upwards. This is normal and will reduce once the uterus moves lower into your pelvis in the coming weeks.
You’ll notice that at times your belly feels hard and tight to touch. It’s completely normal and nothing to worry about. In addition, you also experience contractions, which subside when you change your position. These are nothing but your body’s ways of preparing for the delivery. 
This is a time when you’ll feel uncomfortable in general, due to your enlarged belly and all your symptoms acting up at the same time. 

30 Weeks Pregnant - What’s happening to the baby?

This little guest has now grown up to approximately 15.7 inches in length and 1.3 kilograms in weight. It’ll continue to grow by half an inch every week.
A layer of fat is padding up all over the baby’s body, leading to smooth skin as well as increased energy levels! Its brain is developing and becoming more and more complex. By this time, your baby will also be strong enough to grasp a finger – something they’ll do a lot after birth! 
Your baby’s bone marrow has fully developed and taken over the job of making red blood cells, essential for the baby’s survival on its own after birth. 
If the baby kicks often and sharply, you can actually calm them down by singing or gently talking to them. You’ll be in awe of how well it works! 

30 Weeks Pregnant - What should I be doing during this time?

Don’t be pulled down by the lack of sleep. Instead, focus on getting short naps throughout the day. Lie down on your side only, to avoid putting too much pressure on your spinal cord. Use support pillows under your lower back and between your knees to be able to sleep comfortably. Practice meditation, listen to calming music, cut down on caffeine completely and limit your sugar intake (especially before bedtime) to help you fall asleep better.
Closely monitor what you eat and how it affects your body, to control acidity. Keep yourself hydrated to combat bloating, headaches and dizziness. 
You will most likely have your ultrasound scan this week to check your baby’s growth, development as well as heart rate. (Please note: sex determination via ultrasound or any other methods is illegal in India). You will also undergo some tests to measure your contractions as well as check how the baby’s heart rate changes when it moves. 

30 Weeks Pregnant - What should the partner be doing during this time?

Don’t miss the ultrasound check-up with the mommy, to see how your baby is doing!
Consider practicing a hospital trip with the mom-to-be, where you can measure how much time it takes to get from your house to the hospital, especially during busy hours of the day. 
It’s natural for you to feel anxious as the days draw closer. Remember, you’ll be a good dad! Talk to the mom and be each other’s support system. 
If you have any doubts you’d like us to clarify, ask us in the comments below! 


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