4 Health Hazards during Pregnancy


Being pregnant comes with its one set of do’s and don’ts. Being knowledgeable about the common health hazards goes a long way in keeping yourself healthy and safe from things that may pose a threat to you and your child.

1. Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is quite hazardous. It's advisable that you completely stay off alcohol during this period. The consumption of alcohol deters the fetus from developing at a normal pace. It also increases the chances of it being born with disabilities.

2. Smoking:

What goes for alcohol goes two-times over for smoking. Remember that you are the principal provider of oxygen to your baby. And anything that interferes with the flow of this life-giving element is going to hinder its progress. It's common for parents to have babies that are underweight or born with birth-defects when they're a smoker or live in the vicinity of a smoking person in the house. Secondary smoking is just as hazardous as primary and you must ensure that you steer clear of this vice.

3. Social environment:

A not-so-obvious and often neglected aspect is the actual environment that you are living in. Being constantly exposed to stressful situations at home, work or any other place leads to frustration and anxiety which in turn messes with your hormones. And all of this is ultimately bad for your child. Ensure that during pregnancy, you're around people and situations that give you peace and make you feel happy and rested. Having a good release of the right toxin will go a long way in delivering a healthy, happy child.

4. Pollution:

Any sort of pollution/contamination is going to be a health hazard. While you weren't pregnant it might've been harmless to brave an hour-long commute in a slowly moving traffic breathing in all the pollutants, they will matter when you have a baby in you. Exposing yourself to a clean environment will not only have a positive effect on the baby but you as well. You may have a strong immune system, but general safety around food, water, air amongst other things may help you stay clear of the unnecessary complications.

Being pregnant gives an opportunity to be healthy and start a lifestyle that'll contribute to a beautiful future for you and your child. And avoiding these above hazards will be a step in the right direction! If you have any more tips for pregnant women about the things they should steer clear off, let us know in the comments below!


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