4 unexpected things parents face during their second pregnancy


It’s no surprise that a baby can change your entire life.Well, having a second baby changes things yet again! And this usually happens in new and unexpected ways. Once you become a parent, everything is different. And just when you think that you have a good grip over the whole parenting thing, everything is shuffled yet again when the second baby arrives.

But like always, we have got your back. Here are 4 unexpected things parents face during their second pregnancy: 

1. Spending time with each other:

Being busy parents to your first born and having your hands full with the second pregnancy, makes time spent with each other a thing of the past. But this gives you both all the more reason to look forward to those quiet moments with just the two of you.

2. You might even forget about the pregnancy:

As funny as this may sound, but parents even tend to forget about the pregnancy until week 37! Because your hands will be so full taking care of your first child, every little hiccup that seemed so important your first time around would be dealt with nonchalantly because you both will have become experts in dealing with pregnancy problems.

3. It will be just as tiring:

Remember waking up in the middle of the night to tend to your newborn? And sleep training, changing diapers, breastfeeding, and everything in between? You will have to do all of this, all over again, plus have a toddler around this time. But what helps is that because of your experience first time around, during the second pregnancy, you’ll have a much better grip over the events and you’ll find yourself planning and executing the tasks much efficiently. 

4. Let-it-go attitude:

You’ll find yourself at ease with everything around you. Doctor’s appointments wouldn’t seem so nerve wrecking, shopping for baby things wouldn’t need a lot of research. By your second child, you’ll have become an expert in understanding the needs of your partner and your new born, such that all pregnancy related decisions would be dealt with quite easily.

But as tiring as it might get, welcoming a second child into your home is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have, so hey, congratulations on your second pregnancy!


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