5 Fears Dads Face during a Second Pregnancy


A lot of times whenever anyone mentions pregnancy, the first thing that pops up into our heads is the mother. The roller-coaster ride, both physical and emotional that she goes through and her journey through motherhood. And that's about it! We often forget the fathers, who are also experiencing pregnancy and parenthood and have a lot of things going on in their heads! But not anymore.Here are the 5 things that many men worry about when they become a father the second time around.

1. Was the first pregnancy going smoothly just beginners luck?

A lot of times, information about pregnancy is filled with warnings and things to look out for. And you blessed the heavens when your first child was born without any complications. But now, with the second child on the way, it's back to square one. And one can't help but wonder if you just got lucky the first time around.

2. Financial future:

Having an additional family member means that there is going to be one more life to take care of! And a very important aspect of it is securing your child's financial future. And the father may fear about the great unknown. Several questions might cross his mind such as if he'll be able to fulfil his responsibilities financially and support the new family.

3. Will I feel the same way about the second child?

Holding a new-born baby in your arms for the first time is a huge emotional moment for any Dad. The change from being just a man to a father is unique and amazing. For exactly this reason, Dads may fear not being able to recreate that emotional attachment to their second child. It's very common for a parent to feel 'less special' about the second time pregnancy. But generally, it's only because you're familiar with the whole process. Holding a new-born in your arms is a pure and beautiful experience every time.

4. Life has changed: You’re a full-time Dad:

For many men, being a Dad for the first time may still leave some room for doing other activities apart from tending to their partner and baby. But becoming a father for the second time just seals the deal! They've to be the perfect manager handling the first-born and then the mom and the new child.

5. Bedroom boredom:

If there is any department that takes a tumble during parenthood, it's the bedroom. Mothers right after pregnancy have all their attention and energies invested in the child. And having experienced this with the first child, the second time pregnancy puts the fear in their heads that things may not be the same in the bedroom ever! A little effort and creativity from both the partners can help them regain control of this aspect of life easily.

Being a Dad second time around may not be easy, but one day when you're just sitting there on a quiet Sunday afternoon with your two beautiful children and your wife, you will find all these fears disappear and be replaced by absolute peace!


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