5 things to look forward to during your second pregnancy


Having a baby in your life changes things big time. Now, imagine having two! It’s not only scary but also beautiful at the same time. It’s life-altering, to be honest. Well, here are 4 things to look forward to during your second pregnancy-

1. Multitasking would be the new normal:

During your second pregnancy, multitasking would seem like a synonym to your life. On one hand you’ll be running around a little toddler, and on the other hand, you’ll be taking care of yourself and the little baby growing inside you. Plus running the whole house!

2. Pregnancy glow:

You’ll be lucky enough to experience that pregnancy glow again! Due to an increased amount of blood circulation and pregnancy hormones, your skin will again get that plump rosy look that it sported during the first pregnancy.

3. Lesser disagreements with your partner:

Since both of you have done this the first time around, you’ll find yourself attending to the needs of your partner much more efficiently. There will be lesser arguments and misunderstandings, leading to a loving and comfortable period for both you and your partner.

4. Your first born might dislike you..:

Just a little bit, so don’t worry about it. And this is quite predictable. Since you’ll spend more time with the younger one, be it in your belly or your arms, your first born might feel a tinge of jealousy. But there is nothing to worry, like everything else, this too shall pass. The best thing would be to divide the parents’ attention. This way neither of the babies would feel neglected.

5. No more classes:

You definitely won’t attend every other pregnancy class in town, during your second pregnancy! Since now you’ve gotten a firsthand experience with your first child, birthing classes are just a thing of the past. So there will be no need for any other extra classes for pregnancy as well. Because momma, you know you got this your way! 

What were some of the things you were looking forward to second time around? Let us know in the comments below!


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