5 tips on planning your baby’s first birthday party


Congratulations! After countless diaper changes, months of sleep deprivation, and all the giggles and smiles,you’ve finally made it through the first year of parenthood. Now it’s time to plan your baby’s first birthday party. Here are 5 tips to make the birthday party memorable and stress free.

1. Choose a simple theme and personalize the party

Choosing a theme may be very confusing, especially for your baby’s first birthday party since it is a high point that will be cherished with fond memories by the whole family. So, always keep a simple the me which may be at a party venue or in an outdoor park or playground if the weather permits.

You can keep the birthday theme according to the season for example, a summer party can be flower-themed, or in the winters a frozen-themed party can be a good option.Display a poster show casing your baby’s favorite things or milestones throughout the year, such as the first word, a favorite food, or a stuffed animal, and month wise pictures of your baby.You can also keep a box labeled “Do not open until you turn 21” (or whatever age you like), pen and paper for guests to write birthday wishes, a memory of the past one year,or wishes for the future for your baby which will be read years from now.Ensure that you arrive early at the party destination to set everything right as planned. If you are choosing an outdoor park or playground as the party venue, then make sure that you arrange a small room nearby as back up, in case of any weather changes.

2. Create a time capsule and always keep it short

Follow the ‘simple and short’ rule. Always see to it that you plan a 60 to 90 minutes birthday party for your baby.Make a suggestion to your guests to write advice or blessings for the baby.

3. Respect the child’s nap and create a quiet area

The timing of the party should be with the kids’ sleeping time in consideration. You should have a separate designated place where anyone can change diapers for their kids. Make sure that your baby is well rested before the party, so that the baby will be well relaxed during the party, and can enjoy the party fully with others. Plan your kids party in a quiet area, and for adult guests,plan a secondary party area in another room, so that the kids can have their own space to play.

4. Get a smash cake just for your baby and celebrate freely

Get smash cakes just for the baby. These can be in the form of any cartoon, or the cake can bear a photograph of the baby. Small cakes will create less mess as compared to bigger cakes. Give the responsibility of games to other older kids, so that they can safely take care of the younger kids. Give the older kids charge of face painting, merry-making, playing songs and other fun-filled games.

5. Designated photographers

Your friends and family members will want to take photographs with you and your baby on this occasion. Give the charge of taking photographs to some of the guests so that you are free to focus on other things and you also will have a good collection of photographs. Make sure that every guest can take pictures with your baby. You can also start taking pictures before the guests arrive. This way you can take a lot of pictures of your baby, and you will make good memories of yours baby’s first birthday.   


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