7 Gifs That Perfectly Explain What It's Like To Be a Mother of Two

Second Pregnancy

In their early years, children are a bundle of energy, bursting with enthusiasm to attempt various things. They’re curious and much to their parents’ horror – extremely brave! This is what makes motherhood a crazy rollercoaster ride that’s equal parts of satisfying, fulfilling and frustrating – starting from your pregnancy and going on right till your kids grow up. And if you have two children, then you’re in for twice the treat! If you catch some free time from parenting, here are a few gifs that you’ll actually be able to relate to!

1. You feel like a part-time referee 

The highlight of your life is watching your babies grow from being playful toddlers to each other’s relentless pranksters. In fact, you’re likely to spend all your time separating the two from each or striking a peace deal between two kids who’ll be complaining to you at the same time, making you feel out of breath!

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2. You’re always on the edge of an emotional rollercoaster

You’re hardly done attending to the needs of one child, when the other is ready for your attention. You can barely even catch a bathroom break without your kids breaking out into a “fight” or coming looking for you because they miss you! Being a little bit dramatic is one of your favourite emotional outlets now.

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3. You’re a machine fuelled by coffee

You know too well by now that if you intend to match up with TWO of your kids’ energy levels, needs and requirements, you’re going to need a whole lot of coffee. Your day doesn’t start without a cup of your favourite fuel. But hey, do remember to snack on a wholesome breakfast too!

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4. When you’ve finally sat down to rest, but hear your kids are yelling for you

The day’s tasks are over. The house is settled. You’re ready to plop up on your couch and watch some TV. Just when you’re relaxing, there it is! Your kids calling out to you to either complain about their sibling or because they want your attention. Nothing has required more effort than dragging yourself out of your sweet spot.

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5. You’ve become an expert multitasker 

Right from knowing each of your kids’ exact preferences, schedules and habits to executing them day after day, along with handling other aspects of your life – you’re always thinking of at least ten different things, and performing five different tasks at the same time!

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6. When you manage to get both kids to listen to you, and get some peace and quiet

Isn’t it an absolutely blessed moment when you can get your kids to listen to you and turn them into innocent, obedient little angels? Hey, we told you motherhood is full of every day surprises! 

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7. When the kids get together and do something adorable for you

The greatest joy of parenthood is watching your children love selflessly. And it’s even better when these little angels do something adorable for you! Cue the happy tears and a reminder of what makes parenting worthwhile.

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8. And at the end of the day, you know you wouldn’t want it any other way

Right from the pregnancy days to the years you’ll spend raising your children; your journey is a long one full of a variety of experiences and emotions. But if asked to go back in time and change things, you know you would happily go through this all over again!

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Got any stories to share with us? Tell us about your journey of motherhood! If you have any questions regarding conception, parenthood and all about pregnancy, ask us in the comments! 


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