7 Common Second Pregnancy Difficulties that Moms Face


All moms are champions in their own sweet ways. And even though there are several ways in which each pregnancy is different than the rest, there are some similarities that can be easily seen in all of them! Especially during the second pregnancy. So, here are some 7 common second pregnancy troubles that mom’s find themselves to be talking about:

1. Discomfort in ligaments: 
During your first pregnancy, you must have noticed the aches and pain towards the last days of your pregnancy. However, with the second pregnancy, you may feel and experience them right from the beginning. This happens because the muscles have already been stretched out before but they have returned to normal. And second time around, they cause discomfort when they are being stretched again.

2. So much more tired: 
This is one of the most common trouble during the second pregnancy. Fatigue definitely slows a woman down during pregnancy. And you may feel all the more tired and exhausted during your second pregnancy. The reason being, playing with the little one at home.

3. Giant baby bump: 
Since the abdomen has been stretched out before, you tend to feel that you have become a lot bigger than the first time. You might also eat a little more than what you did during the first pregnancy because of the pregnancy as well as to regain the energy that your toddler drains out of you.

4. First flutters: 
During the first pregnancy, a woman feels the baby kicking in the fifth month. However, during the second pregnancy, you can feel this as early as in the fourth month.

5. Varicose veins:
If you have had an encounter with varicose veins in your first pregnancy, chances are you might develop it again during your second pregnancy. Varicose veins pop up when there is an increase in the blood volume in the legs. And pregnancy is nothing but a trigger for these unflattering veins. Exercise, drinking enough water, and moving around, are some of the ways to address this easily.

6. More bathroom trips: 
Because your muscles have already been stretched out before, you will be carrying your baby slightly lower than your first time. Due to this, there will be extra pressure on your bladder. Any little activity like sneezing, laughing or even coughing can give you little trips to the bathroom.

7. Say hello to stretch marks: 
You will be at much greater risk of developing stretch marks if you would have had them during the first time. Consider them as tattoos that would remind you of how amazing you are to be able to give birth to a baby.

Do you know of any more common second pregnancy troubles? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below and let us know!


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