7 reasons why your baby might be crying

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Children normally cry and at certain times parents may get concerned with their crying child. It can be quite common if you are unable to find out why your child is crying sometimes. Here are 7 most common reasons why your baby might be crying:

1. Your child may be hungry -

If your child is big enough to speak, then you are lucky that they will ask you for food when they want some, but it becomes harder for you when your infant is hungry. For any child that cannot vocalize, crying is the only tool for asking for food, or any communication for that matter. Usually, your child may just wake up from a nap crying, as it may be that their last food intake was before 3 to 4 hours, and now they need some food again.

2. Your child is very tired -

The sleeping time of a child will depend on their age and waking time but usually 7 to 9 pm is considered to be the perfect bedtime for children. Being overtired is the most common reason for your kids to cry and this can be a very common cause of their illogical behavior. When your baby cries harder than usual, even for small things such as when you give the child the wrong color bowl or ask them to put on his cloths, be watchful if there are tears also in the child eyes since the main cause for these tears may be too little sleep.

3. Your child is over stimulated -

Sometimes chaos and confusion becomes too much for kids. They are often unable to express the situation that is present in their mind. So when they are over stimulated, you may see tears in their eyes. So, if your child is crying and you notice that you are in the very loud or busy place, try to take them away from that place. Take them to some quiet place and help them to stay calm. Some kids may not appreciate the quieter place, and they just want to rush home as soon as possible.

4. Your child may be stressed -

Stress is one of the main reason which mainly older children face in school. They get stressed and tired due to their daily activities in school. They need some time for themselves during which they can play and relax.Kids may get stressed by their family environment also, such as their parent’s fight, shifting from one place to another, or even when they get some unpleasant news. Try to give them a happy environment and help them live a stressful free life.

5. Your child want attention -

Sometimes you may see that your child is playing happily, but the moment you turn your back they start crying. They have come to learn that crying is the best way to seek your attention. Whenever possible, ignore their attention seeking activities such as crying, at least for some reasonable time duration. Try to avoid eye contact, and do not talk to them when they are looking for your attention. Make them realize that you will only pay attention to them when they play properly, talk nicely and follow the rules. Take some time everyday to sit and play with them, may be then your kid will be less likely to shed tears for attention.

6. Your child wants something -

Your children do not recognize the difference between their needs or wants. When they wish to have something, they will often pretend that they need it. You can see the tears of frustration or anger if you neglect their wish, whether this may be for you to play with them, or they may want you to prepare some of their favorite food. If you always satisfy their wish even after saying no, you will be teaching them that they can cry when they want something, and get it also after some persistence.  


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