9 tips to ensure a successful pregnancy

Pregnancy Test

The moment you realize you are pregnant, immediate care should be started. Consult your doctor about the proper diet, exercises and the required prenatal tests to be done during pregnancy. Eat fresh and healthy foods.Take vitamins and required supplements like folic acid and iron. Focus on your emotional health and also get sufficient rest.Let us now look at 9 quick tips that can be helpful for a healthy and safe pregnancy

1. Organizing early pregnancy or prenatal care

Find a good, qualified and easily approachable doctor who can give you ample guidance.There are various pregnancy test and scans that are used for screening the health condition of the fetus in the uterus. To be aware and well prepared for future health conditions, it is always sensible to plan the required tests and ultrasound scans in advance.

2. Eat nutritious food

During pregnancy, your body needs more energy. Having nutritious and healthy food is essential for the baby and the mother during pregnancy. To get adequate nutrients, eat foods which contain multiple vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and other nutrients like fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, organic meats and dairy products.

3. Drink plenty of water

Water helps in keeping your body hydrated. Make a target to drink at least 10-12 full glasses of water every day.During the second and third trimesters (from the third month to the end of nine months), you may experience morning sickness, acidity, tiredness, indigestion, and cramps due to lack of adequate water. Water also helps in maintaining the temperature of the body in the hot and humid months of the year.Drinking enough water eases constipation, and also helps in preventing urinary infections which are frequent throughout pregnancy. Water also dilutes your urine which reduces the risk of infections.

4. Exercise

You can start your exercises after consulting your doctor. Some exercises like walking and yoga are simple and safe during pregnancy.Exercise is an important part of care during pregnancy to lower the risk of weight gain, prevent back pain, help is muscle strengthening for childbirth, and can provide the baby a healthy start in their life.Exercises also keeps you stay healthy and flexible.

5. Avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking

Alcohol increase the probability of delivering a baby with a mental retardation so avoid all toxic drugs, alcohol and smoking as they are harmful for your baby’s health and growth.

6. Wear appropriate clothes and footwear

Always wear comfortable clothes because you will notice rapid changes in your shape and weight during pregnancy. Tight clothes can be suffocating for you and your baby. Your weight gain during pregnancy adds to extra pressure which can hamper your feet making them painful. So, it is suggested to wear comfortable footwear.

7. See your dentist

Weak bleeding gums are common due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Gum diseases can be avoided by taking proper precautions and visiting a dentist.

8. Take care of your skin and pamper yourself

Skin sensitivity to sunlight is more common during pregnancy. Dark spots and sunburns are more likely to affect you during your pregnancy. Avoid excessive sunlight. Pamper yourself with a day out with your friends, going to a parlor or spa sometimes and help yourself De-stress by going for a walk into nature.

9. Educate yourself

You need to educate yourself about pregnancy and its different stages. Be conscious about when you may require medical help. If you sense symptoms like vaginal bleeding, cramps, fluid leaking, severe pain, swelling of joints, palpitations, and any other unexplained problems you must call your doctor. 


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