Weekly Update: What’s happening when you are 9 weeks pregnant?

  • February 22, 2018
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9 weeks pregnant

Another week has come in and as expecting parents you’re feeling all kinds of excitement and curiosity. Week 9 of your pregnancy is when your baby develops from an embryo into a foetus. There’s a lot going on inside the mommy’s womb! Here’s what week 9 brings with it.

Signs and Symptoms when you are 9 weeks pregnant
As the baby grows, so does your blood volume. As a result, along with frequent urination you will also experience dizziness every now and then. Your veins – especially on the hands and feet – will appear to be bulging. You may also experience nosebleed, but it’s not worrisome and will recede soon.

The morning sickness, headaches, mood swings and fatigue that you’ve been facing since the past few weeks are going to continue in Week 9 as well. But hang in there, as these will fade away in the coming weeks. Pregnancy also causes higher mucus production in some women, so there’s a chance you might come down with a blocked nose! 

Your waistline is slowly expanding. Although the baby bump is still not visible, if you touch your lower abdomen, you’ll notice it has grown firm. You may even have gained some weight by now. Weight gain at this time is completely healthy and even necessary, so don’t worry about hitting the gym harder or getting on a new diet.

What’s happening to the baby in your 9th week of pregnancy?
The baby has grown to a whole inch and is now a foetus. What’s the difference? In the embryonic stage, the organs and systems are in their developmental phases, whereas in the foetal stage all the organs are formed and are now growing. The embryonic tail is fully gone.

In this week, your baby’s facial features are growing more defined, the tiny fingers and toes are growing longer. The baby’s muscles and nerves are becoming active. The eyes are fully formed, although not opened yet. Tiny earlobes, mouth, nose and nostrils are now distinctly visible. Taste buds are emerging on the baby’s tongue, and tooth buds are forming in the gums for the baby’s eventual milk teeth.

The placenta has fully developed and is ready to take over the task of producing hormones for the baby. It will also start delivering nutrients, blood and oxygen to this tiny human. 

From this point onwards, your baby is going to gain a steady weight and keep growing!

What should the expecting mother be doing when she is in her 9th week of pregnancy?
It is important that you maintain a healthy weight. All the nausea and food sensitivity tends to cause weight loss during this time in pregnant women. Make sure you eat in small dosages throughout the day, so you don’t go hungry. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and keep yourself hydrated. 

You can continue working out during this time. However, avoid high intensity exercises and heavy weight lifting. Discuss exercises that are safe to do during this time, with your doctor. Brisk walking, yoga and swimming are some of the best and most effective exercises you can do. Get plenty of sleep. 

If you’re a working woman, this is a good time to discuss maternity leave policies with your employers. So, you can plan your work and leave accordingly, and avoid any last-minute stress.

Swap your toxic, chemical-laden household cleaners and cosmetics for organic, eco-friendly ones. Stay away from paint fumes.

You may have to undergo a pap smear test to look out for any abnormalities and STDs, along with urine and blood tests to check for hormone levels. If you’re getting an ultrasound this week, you will actually be able to see and hear the baby’s heartbeat (please note that sex determination is illegal in India) .

What should the partner be doing in the 9th week of pregnancy?
It is your responsibility to keep the mom and the baby away from cigarette as well as any other toxic smoke and other exposures entirely. 

Make sure she gets enough sleep and exercise. This may call for a few adjustments in your own routine, and you may even be required to learn a few household tricks now. 

The mom-to-be will be required to undergo a whole battery of tests, such as a blood sugar level test. You have to make sure that these tests take place right on schedule!

This is a good time for you to start anticipating and planning prenatal and delivery costs, along with insurance, if you haven’t already done so. 

Keep an eye on the to-be-mommy’s signs and symptoms. You should not only make sure she’s comfortable and well taken care of, but also look out for any irregularities in her symptoms. Ask your doctor the questions that your partner is too hesitant to ask.

Accompany the mom to all the doctor’s visits and check-ups! 

Stay patient, vigilant and understanding towards what the expecting mother is going through! You’re soon going to enter the next phase of pregnancy! Good luck, and make the most of this surreal experience.

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