Do's and Don'ts during pregnancy

  • July 08, 2017
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Dos and Donts during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous yet delicate time. As a mother-to-be, therefore, you must be particular about what you eat and do during pregnancy in order to bring a healthy baby into the world. Here’s a list of guidelines of special care and precautions that an expectant mother should exercise to ensure a safe pregnancy.

Dietary Do’s & Don’ts

1) Focus on eating a well-balanced diet instead of ‘eating for two’. Avoid processed foods like packaged chips and soft drinks. Consume nutrient-rich organic foods like whole grains, walnuts, and sprouts.

2) Don’t keep long gaps between meals. Try not to go more than 3 hours without eating during the day.

3) Stay hydrated. Your minimum fluid intake (ml) per day should be 30 x body weight (kg). For Example: If your body weight is 65 kilograms, you should consume at least 1950 ml of water.

4) Limit caffeine intake (<200 mg).

5) Consult your doctor before starting or stopping any medication.

6) Consider adding prenatal vitamins and folic acid (400mg daily) to your diet.

7) Don’t smoke or drink alcohol.

8) Avoid fish high in mercury (mackerel, swordfish, tuna, etc.) and listeria-risk foods (such as unpasteurized cheeses, raw eggs, and uncooked meats).

Fitness Do’s & Don’ts

1) Don’t gain a great deal of weight.

2) Engage in light exercise (heart rate<130bpm) like a leisurely walk or swimming. Avoid heavy lifting, bending, and activities like horseback riding.

3) Go for prenatal checkups regularly. Ensure your flu shots are up-to-date.

4) Avoid X-rays.

Hygiene Do’s & Don’ts

1) Bathe daily to maintain good body hygiene.

2) Wash your hands regularly to keep them sanitized.

3) Avoid handling bird/cat litter without gloves.

4) Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them.

5) Brush and floss twice daily.

6) Don’t use scented female hygiene products.

7) Pass urine frequently to prevent getting a urinary tract infection.

8) Avoid contact with people suffering from communicable diseases.

Lifestyle Do’s & Don’ts

1) Avoid wearing tight clothing (such as skinny jeans or body-hugging dresses) and high-heeled shoes.

2) Consider waiting until your second trimester to treat your hair chemically (coloring, curling, bleaching).

3) Keep away from pesticides and commercial paints.

4) While traveling by car, ensure your safety by keeping within the speed limit and using a pregnancy seatbelt adjuster.

5) The safest time to fly during pregnancy is before 37 weeks.

6) Avoid sitting or standing for long periods at a time. Take a break every 20-30 minutes to stretch your muscles.

7) Avoid work that requires physical exertion.

Rest & Recreation Do’s & Don’ts

1) Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

2) While lying down, rest on your left side to ensure proper blood flow.

3) Avoid using very hot water (hot tubs, saunas).

4) Indulge in foot rubs to relieve swelling.

5) To prevent stress triggers, keep the atmosphere positive at work and at home. Manage stress by surrounding yourself with supportive people.

Note that the more overzealous of your family and friends will have plenty of advice for you, but it’s in your best interest (and your baby’s) to follow only expert counsel during this critical time. So, go over the above list with your doctor to get further instructions on what to do and what not to do while you’re expecting a baby.

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