Facts about second pregnancy


For your second pregnancy, you are excited to expand your little family as well as drained from having a toddler around. After all, pregnancy does come with those morning sicknesses, aches and pains and everything in between that you experienced during your first pregnancy. However, not everything is going to be exactly the way it was during your first pregnancy. One piece of advice would be to keep an open mind and as far as possible try to enjoy the second pregnancy as well.

Here are some facts about second pregnancy that might surprise you:

1. You may feel your baby’s movement sooner:

It also comes down to the fact that you would now know that what is gas and what is your baby’s movement. This time around, you will be able to recognize it quickly when your baby starts to make theirmovements, aka ‘quickening.’ And they can be felt as early as 13 weeks in the second pregnancy. 

2. Your tummy may feel hang lower:

Remember how perky and cute your tummy felt during your first pregnancy? Well, it won't be that firm this time around, since your abdominal muscles have been stretched out from your first pregnancy. As a result, your baby won’t be carried as high up. You may also find the urge to pee frequently, as your baby will be pressed close to your bladder.

3. You may feel more Braxton Hicks:

These are nothing but just another name for ‘false contractions’ that gear you up for the D-day. Since you have already experienced it before, during your second pregnancy you will be able to recognize them easily. You might even be able to anticipate them based on your previous experience. 

4. Your labor and delivery may be shorter:

This is something that every second-time mom can look forward to, that is, shorter labor and delivery. It took a while during the first time because your body had never pushed out a baby through the birth canal before. But since your cervix has gone through this before, it has also lost some of its rigidity. So for your second time, you might dilate faster. As the baby is lower, even the delivery will be shorter. 

5. You may feel more confident:

Even though you might have a different experience in your second pregnancy, you have done this before. Knowing from experience, you have a fair idea about what to expect and the whole process. This time around, you will be more confident about motherhood, because you would trust yourself more and worry less. You would also feel confident about the birthing process. 

You got this, mama!

We are pretty sure that point number 4 has given you some relief, right? Well, enjoy your second pregnancy as you have a little toddler around this time to share this beautiful phase with.

What are your thoughts about a second pregnancy? Share them with us in the comments below! 


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