10 Easy to Miss Signs of Early Pregnancy

Notice the early signs of pregnancy

Couples who are trying to conceive know how suspenseful and anxiety-inducing the two-week wait can be. While you wonder andwait to use your home pregnancy test kit, it can be helpful for the woman to observe the signs her body start showing early on. Though it might be easy to miss some of these signs due to their similarity with PMS symptoms, some others are quite different. Of course, all women might experience these things differently, but there are some signs that have been tried and tested over time, and can give you a clue while you wait to test for pregnancy. 

1.Increased vaginal discharge

During ovulation, the vagina discharges a lot of fluids. That happens due to a heightened level of estrogen in the body. When the body conceives, the vaginal discharge increases manifold. A noticeable amount of white, milky discharge increases in the stages right after conception. This is one of the symptoms you can notice long before you get ready to pee on the pregnancy detection kit.

2.Heightened sensitivity of the olfactory senses

Whether you already had a great sense of smell and taste or not, there will be a considerable increase in sensitivity to taste and smell. The intensity of it might differ from person to person, but you will notice that you have developed aversion to certain foods due to their taste or smell. The foods you once enjoyed immensely, will suddenly throw you off just with its smell.Perfumes and colognes will strike particularly sharp to you, and may even trigger headaches. This is due to the shift in the hormone levels.


The newly developed sensitivity and resultant aversion also means that you will feel nauseous more often. You might feel like throwing up especially when you are around hot and spicy foods. A sudden attack of strong fragrances upon your senses can also send you running to the bathroom to vomit.

4.Faster nail growth

One of the signs researchers noticed was that the nails grow faster than usual during pregnancy. It is the pregnancy hormones that cause the increased speed of nail growth. Don’t worry if your nails appear to be on some sort of a growth spurt. It could just mean you’ve conceived successfully. 


If you have always led a healthy lifestyle and rarely ever experienced breathlessness or exhaustion, a sudden burst of exhaustion and fatigue might set off alarm bells in your mind. One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is frequent fatigue, which might leave you feeling tired and even panting for breath once in a while. This is due to increased level of hormones in your body, as well as the fact that your body is undergoing a lot of work internally to make the necessary changes for a safe pregnancy and eventual delivery. 

6.Sensitive and painful breasts

Lactation is a big part of childbirth. So, when you conceive, the breasts start preparing for producing and discharging milk. This leads to the breasts becoming swollen, increasingly sensitive and tender. Sensitivity and aches in this region is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. 


Bloating and the resultant increased waist line are common experiences in the early stages of pregnancy. Feeling bloated, mildly constipated and acidity are a result of the pregnancy hormone progesterone that your body produces after conception. So, if there is a sudden and consistent bloaty feeling over a week or so, you might want to lay your hands on a home pregnancy test kit

8.Mood Swings

This is a tricky one since this is a very common PMS symptom. But if you feel that the mood swings have become more intense and frequent, then it might be that you are pregnant! Since the body is undergoing a huge hormonal change as well, the mood swings also make increased appearances in your daily life. You could go from smiling a minute, to being incredibly sad the next. 


If you experience this, especially when it’s not your period, chances are that conception has happened successfully. Cramping happens after conception as the burrowing of the embryo in the uterine lining might give the same sensation as the period when that lining sheds. 

10.Headaches and sleepiness

Another common sign of pregnancy is a sudden feeling of drowsiness and headaches. You could be in the middle of some important work, when out of nowhere a wave of sleepiness hits you and you want nothing more than a pillow and a bed. In fact, you might be feeling sleepy the whole day despite getting your regular 8 hours of sleep. This often also results in headaches. It could mean that you are pregnant.


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