Split Pregnancy Roles


There’s no denying the fact that when it comes to pregnancy, women do most of the work. However, to have a good and balanced relationship, both the partners need to share the responsibilities and the work-load equally. The mental and physical dynamics of each individual is different in a relationship. But during pregnancy, it is essential that the couple split their roles. They are in this journey together, and both of them need to split pregnancy roles. Here are some pointers that will help you understand this better and help you to incorporate more such ideas into your pregnancy phase:

1. Help each other:

During pregnancy, a woman is constantly falling short on her energy levels. It is at such times that the husband needs to pull up the socks and constantly be around her. Don’t be around her for the sake of it, but help her with every little thing. Morning sickness, for example, can really drain her out. Stand by her, hold her hair, make her feel comfortable, and encourage her during such rough times. 

2. Educate yourself:

Reading maternity books isn’t just the woman’s job. Both the partners need to educate themselves about everything that they are getting themselves into. You need to be prepared not just for the baby, but also have a fair idea about what happens during the pregnancy and the D-day. 

3. Be sensitive:

Both the partners are going through a lot of changes, together as well as individually. It is essential to talk it out through this phase. Be patient and sensitive with each other. Respond to each other with kindness and love and try to understand what the other person is going through.

4. Be flexible:

There will be instances during the pregnancy when you will have to go out of your way for your partner. There will also be times when you will even have to cancel plans. But it will all be worth it. All you can do is, be as flexible as possible with your partner. Try to alter the work hours and schedules if you have that option.

5. Household chores:

Splitting the pregnancy roles would be by sharing the household chores and dividing them between each other. For example, the man could take over the kitchen when the wife is too tired to cook. There is no harm in pampering your pregnant wife with some breakfast in bed. Washing clothes, doing the dishes, and every little household chore can be divided and taken upon as an additional responsibility for a smooth and happier pregnancy. 

It is essential for both the partners to be there for each other during this critical yet happy phase in your lives. Stay calm and hold onto each other for strength. Try to split all the pregnancy roles between each other. More than anything else, have a happy pregnancy. Stay happy and enjoy this phase together! To know more about these roles, check our video on We Are Pregnant.

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