A couple's guide to pregnancy


A baby brings along with it a series of changes. The birth of the baby is an exciting phase for the couple. But it is also very common for the couple to go through a little turbulence in the relationship during the pregnancy phase. For some couples, these changes can be easy to adjust with, whereas for some it might require extra efforts to overcome it. Starting from physical and hormonal changes that the woman goes through, to connecting with your partner emotionally, pregnancy changes the dynamics of a relationship completely. There can also be a gap between expectations and reality from your partner, in terms of sensitivity and support. 

But don’t worry, we have a couple’s guide to pregnancy just for you! Read on to know how you can deal with the unpleasant situations in a better manner, and make the relationship stronger during this phase. 

1. Educate yourself:

Read as much as possible about the milestones of pregnancy, so that you have a fair idea about what is coming your way. This way, you won’t really be caught off-guardand you will be able to deal with pregnancy much better. To make things easier for you, we also have detailed articles about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post pregnancy that you can refer to.

2. Don’t shy away from intimacy:

Though the physical connection may not seem to be spontaneous, it is crucial to find the passion and to connect physically. This will only help the couple to strengthen the bond that they share. Don’t let sex be the last thing on your mind, amidst all the pregnancy chaos. The best solution would be to talk it out with your spouse and find a middle ground. But keep up the spark of the romance. 

3. Modify the daily routines:

Don’t fight about the changes around you or how you can’t do things that you loved to do together. Instead, try to modify and be flexible with your daily routines to suit your partner’s needs. Choose activities that both of you can enjoy together. Anything that keeps the two of you connected works! During this phase of your life, nothing should be more important than your partner.

4. Spend quality time together:

Communication is the key for any relationship to sail smoothly. During this phase of life, try to be more attentive towards your partner’s needs like food, care, doctor’s appointment, and attention. Try to unwind and come together by sharing quality time with each other. Indulge in conversations and share your thoughts for understanding each other better amidst all the pregnancy changes. 

5. Be prepared:

Pregnancy brings along with it loads of responsibilities. It is better to be prepared beforehand. This way you won't be stressed out over financial or mental issues. Be prepared with all the information and situations. Discuss it with your partner about how both of you want the D-day to be like. Do your bit in making things as easy and as comfortable as possible for your partner! 

Well, this was our couple’s guide to pregnancy! Do you have any more words of wisdom? Share it with the world in the comments below!


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