After pregnancy tips to bring your body back on track

after pregnancy tips

The wait is over. The baby is here. It’s a genuine cause for celebration for the new parents. While your lives are about to get chaotic, it’s also the most blissful time. In between exploring this new life and ensuring the baby is okay, somewhere the next big thing on the mom’s to-do list is to regain her health and bring her body back on track. If you’re trying to get back in shape after pregnancy, here’s how you should go about it.

1. After Pregnancy Tips - Be patient and wait

It’s understandable if the new mommy cannot wait to hop onto the treadmill to shed the postpartum belly. But, prudence lies in waiting. Her body has undergone a massive transformation, and it needs time to heal. The timeline varies from women to women – for some it’s as early as a week after pregnancy, while for many it’s more than 6 weeks. Discuss it with your doctors, listen to them and focus on shedding weight only after they’ve given you the green signal.

2. After Pregnancy Tips - Make it a couple’s thing

Everything gets better when partners do it together. You and your partner have been through this incredible experience together, so it’s only fitting that you both recover and get healthy together too! Moreover, exercising with a partner is much more motivating and effective. Start now, aim to make staying healthy together, a lifelong habit and you will be setting an excellent example for your kid!

3. After Pregnancy Tips - Breastfeeding the baby

Breastfeeding is not a simple process – the mom’s body is literally producing large quantities of food for a little human. Breastfeeding burns up to 800 calories a day, and keeps the metabolism up and running. Pair this intense calorie burning with a healthy diet, and the mom could soon be well on her way to shedding the postpartum weight. However, don’t depend on this entirely, as once breastfeeding stops, the calorie burn will dip too.

4. After Pregnancy Tips - Add weights to cardio

While both parents love their daily cardio, weight training will even help the mom immensely! Cardio will help you shed fat, but weight training will help you maintain the weight loss and build muscle. Not only that, weight training makes you stronger and powers up your metabolism. The best way for the mom to get the most out of her weight training would be to hire a personal trainer who specialises in postpartum fitness.

5. After Pregnancy Tips - Eat clean

This is especially important and serves a dual purpose for the mom – you transfer all the great nutrients to your baby, and you can actually lose weight. Dieting to lose weight is never about eating less, but all about eating right. Avoid junk foods that contain too many calories but no nutrition. Include plenty of green vegetables, lean protein and fibre rich-foods such as avocados, dry fruits, whole-grain bread in your diet. Consult your doctor and a nutritionist on the right diet plan for you – one that repairs your body, keeps you healthy and nourishes your baby too!

6. After Pregnancy Tips - Eat well

Eating healthy is not enough, you need to eat at the right time and in the right quantity. Have a large and hearty breakfast, no matter how busy your day is about to get. Eat your lunch and dinner on time. More importantly, eat to your satisfaction. Don’t overeat, but don’t eat too little either. Eat to satisfy your body and empower yourself!

7. After Pregnancy Tips - Sleep well

An unmissable aspect of parenting is the irregular sleep and the night shifts both of you will have to pull off. Make the age-old trick of “you sleep when the baby sleeps” the new mantra of your life. It’s hard to find a predictable routine with a new-born baby. But not getting sufficient sleep hampers your metabolism and prevents weight loss. Naps come in really handy here. Set your schedule around your baby’s nap time, so you can catch some sleep too instead of being stuck with other chores. As for the night shifts, take turns tending to the baby. Keep a bottle of milk handy, so the mom doesn’t have to wake up all the time.

At the end of the day, it is important for all new parents to remember that their lives have changed dramatically. Your sleep schedules and eating habits may never be the same again. Your body can appear different, and still be healthier and stronger than ever! Keep your own health and that of the baby on top priority, and you’ll be just fine!


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