Beating Pregnancy Fatigue – 7 sure fire ways to know

beating pregnancy fatigue

You may not remember much else from your pregnancy days, once the baby has arrived. But you'll definitely remember feeling tired all the time. Pregnancy fatigue is something every to-be mom goes through, and sometimes even a power nap can't help you. Here are a few things that'll definitely bring you comfort from that constant feeling of tiredness.

1. Beating Pregnancy Fatigue – A balanced diet 

Refined sugars and flours may be great on taste and give you an instant energy boost, but will soon leave you feeling tired and sluggish. If you feel the need for something sweet, munch on a fruit or a few dates instead. You can load up your daily diet with whole grains, yoghurt, fresh fruits and veggies as these foods are rich in essential vitamins, fibre, proteins and minerals that help keep your energy levels balanced. Consult with a nutritionist for a more customised pregnancy diet plan.

2. Beating Pregnancy Fatigue – Snack more often 

Having fewer but bigger meals can make you feel even more tired than before. Instead, have smaller, lighter meals throughout the day. This will help stabilise your blood sugar levels, which in turn will prevent your energy from dipping down. You’ll also feel lighter but well-nourished throughout the day! 

3. Beating Pregnancy Fatigue – Drink up 

The constant urge to pee during pregnancy may convince you to drink lesser water, but you’d rather take more bathroom breaks than risk dehydration. Dehydration can leave you feeling lethargic, irritable and make it difficult to concentrate. It can also give you painful headaches. Minimise your intake of caffeine as it can aggravate dehydration, and make sure you drink at least 8 full glasses of water every day. 

4. Beating Pregnancy Fatigue – Get some “Vitamin Me”

Between juggling your pregnancy, household errands and your health, you may barely find any breathing space for yourself. However, carving out some “me” time for yourself at the end of every day can work wonders to get rid of physical as well as mental fatigue. Whether it’s taking a nice luxurious shower, curling up in your favourite corner with a book, meditating, swimming or going for a walk – do what helps you calm down, clear your mind and help your body feel better! Frequent body massages can work miracles to shoo away your fatigue too!

5. Beating Pregnancy Fatigue – Nap it off 

15 minutes of an undisturbed, peaceful nap are all you need to recharge your batteries. A lot of pregnant women tend to brush off fatigue and sluggishness due to its frequency during this time. However, it’s important that you pay close attention to what your body is trying to tell you. If you’re too tired to move, it’s perfectly okay to drop all that you’re doing and snuggle up for a quick power nap. And it’s okay to even do this frequently in a day! It’ll help you bounce back better, fresher and stronger. 

6. Beating Pregnancy Fatigue – Move it!

You may think that physical activity may make you feel even more tired, but it’s quite the opposite. Take a few minutes out of every day to do some mild to moderate exercises. Exercising releases adrenaline and endorphins – both these hormones are known to energise, uplift and put you in an alive and active mood. Whatever workout regime you follow during pregnancy, make sure you do it under the supervision of a fitness professional.

7. Beating Pregnancy Fatigue – Get some sun 

Vitamin D is a widely known natural mood and energy booster. But, no matter how wholesome and well-balanced your diet is, chances are that you’re still not getting enough Vitamin D. Aside from the added supplements your doctor prescribed, the best way to get all the Vitamin D you need is to just soak up the early morning sun like you did when you were a baby. You can either sit and meditate under the morning sun or go for walks. It’ll help you immensely! 

If all methods fail to fight pregnancy fatigue, make sure you talk to your obstetrician for the safest strategies and medications you can use. In case you have any other doubts, ask us in the comments!


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