Pregnancy Gifts – Top 10 Best ones to Know

best pregnancy gifts

Gifting for a specific event can become a little tricky at times. When it comes to gifting pregnant women, it becomes trickier. You want to gift her something ‘thoughtful’ and not something that will end up taking up space when that’s the last thing that she wants with a baby on the way. It’s not rocket science. If pregnant women could actually tell you what they want, this would be it, but it’s nice to surprise and pamper them, right? 

Here are 10 best pregnancy gifts that mothers-to-be would really love:

1. Trendy diaper bag:

Diaper bags are something that new mom can’t do without. This is going to be something that she is going to use all the time outside the house. If a diaper bag is what you intend to gift, then ensure that is spacious enough to fit bottles, diapers, bibs, is durable and handle, but mainly trendy!

2. Breastfeeding pillow:

Nursing pillows are totally versatile. They can be used during pregnancy, when the woman is unable to sleep on the bed and post pregnancy, to cradle the baby while nursing or simply use it as a pillow to support her neck. They can also be used to support the baby when the mother wants to move around a little bit. However, ensure that such pillows are washable because you don’t want the mother or the baby to catch an infection, do you? 

3. Maternity wear:

As the pregnancy advances, many women start losing their self-confidence. Maternity wear can make excellent pregnancy gifts. Some pregnant women don’t like to spend money on clothes because they won’t be wearing them for long. Pick out outfits that not only make the pregnancy period look fashionable and comfortable but also be of use when the baby is here. Something that can accentuate the new curves and also provide the comfort to just lounge around. Even a good nursing bra can make a great pregnancy gift, as they are perfect to wear during pregnancy and also after. 

4. Breast pump:

Breast pumps make an excellent pregnancy gift, especially if the new mother wants to get back to work soon. Breast pumps are really handy otherwise as well, as they allow the mother to pump milk into it, which can be used to feed the baby and remain on track with the feeding cycle. 

5. Pamper her:

Another great pregnancy gift can be to pamper her. Though its a wonderful phase, but pregnancy can be a little stressful. With everything that’s going on in her body, a mom-to-be needs some outlet to release the caught up stress and tension. Hook her up with a day at the spa, back or foot massage, something as simple as a pedicure or something as big as a baby-moon even. Anything that can help her relax and unwind would make a great pregnancy gift.

6. Milestone books:

These books can be used to record the baby’s precious first moments. It’s a great way to capture the new adventures that she is about to embark and hold it close to her heart for a lifetime. 

7. Compact foot massager:

Pregnancy brings some company along with it, like sore feet and body aches. A compact foot massager can be a boon and the mom-to-be would definitely appreciate this gift. The compact foot massager won’t require much space; it can be used while nursing the baby or even when she is just tired.

8. Diaper changing sheets:

These are absolute essentials and a must-have in every diaper bag. Diaper changing sheets are basically used when the mother is out with her baby and there is a diaper emergency. Public washrooms do have changing tables, but they are not always clean enough for the baby. These sheets can be used to spread out on the table before you put your baby down. However, you need to make sure that these sheets can be wiped easily and can easily fit into the diaper bag. 

9. Onesies:

Babies are small, but their little clothes can get a little expensive. What could be a better gift than cute little onesies, they sure won’t go waste. Blankets, onesies, swaddling clothes and rompers make great pregnancy gifts. They would not only be useful but also save the mother a lot of time from shopping for them. 

10. Diaper dispenser:

These diaper dispensers come in handy when you just don’t have the time to make it to home to change the diaper. They make a great pregnancy gift because they not only make an easy solution but also because they are infused with great scents to keep the nasty diaper smells away. It is super convenient as it can be clipped to the diaper bag, stroller or purse.

Do you have any more pregnancy gifts ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


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