Boost your Fertility - A list of 10 Reliable tips

Boost your Fertility

For a lot of couples, trying to get pregnant is not as simple as just having sex. According to a study conducted by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, even the healthiest couples have about 20% chance of successfully conceiving? A lot of factors influence a successful conception. Unfortunately, the most important one is also the most ignored one i.e. fertility. Before you start conceiving, perhaps you should boost your fertility levels. Here are a few ways, both you and your partner can ensure healthy fertility levels. 

1. Tip to Boost Your Fertility - Know your cycle

On an average, menstrual cycles last between 21 and 35 days (starting on the first day of your period). Your fertile window is the day you ovulate and five days after that. However, this varies from woman to woman. Online ovulation calculator can help you determine your fertile window.

2. Tip to Boost Your Fertility - Drop by your dentist

Makes no sense, does it? Studies have proven that gum diseases are linked with and adversely affect fertility levels in women. Women with gum disease take longer to get pregnant and are at a higher risk of miscarriage. The inflammation caused by dental diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis set off a chain of harmful reactions in the body, which in turn affects your fertility levels. So, don’t delay that visit to the dentist any longer.

3. Tip to Boost Your Fertility -Watch your weight

Both, being underweight or overweight, can seriously impede a woman’s chances of conception. Maintain a healthy weight, based on your age, height and other crucial factors, even if that means you’re not “fit” or “buff” as per society’s standards.

4. Tip to Boost Your Fertility -Cut down on caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine has been proven to impair a woman’s fertility. In the same vein, you’ll have to cut back on the alcohol too. Research suggests that women who drank two alcoholic beverages a day, regularly had 60% lower fertility levels than women who didn’t.

5. Tip to Boost Your Fertility -Quit smoking

Cigarettes contain toxins that age a woman’s eggs by ten years at least. And the damage is permanent. Smoking is also shown to affect sperm count and quality in men. Moreover, excessive smoking reduces stamina and can affect your intercourse too.

6. Tip to Boost Your Fertility – Do not stress too much

It’s already common knowledge that stress leads to hormonal imbalance. And hormonal levels affect menstrual cycle, which in turn directly impacts your fertility. Too much stress is equally harmful for men as well, since it can lead to lower sperm count as well as lower sex drive. Make a conscious effort to relax and switch off at the end of the day – meditate, share a warm bath together, or even a nice massage works wonders! Spending some relaxing time together will provide stress relief to both of you.

7. Tip to Boost Your Fertility – Stay away from the laptop

This one’s for the men. While keeping the laptop on your lap sometimes isn’t such a bad thing, doing so frequently over a prolonged period can actually affect your sperm count. This is due to the excessive heat, which isn’t conducive for healthy sperms. The same logic applies to hot tubs, saunas and tight-fitting underwear too.

8. Tip to Boost Your Fertility -More multivitamins

Make sure you include foods that are rich in Vitamins E and C, along with minerals such as selenium and zinc. These nutrients boost fertility in both men and women and promote healthy sperms in men.

9. Tip to Boost Your Fertility -Check your lubricant

There are plenty of lubricants out there that are actually spermicidal in nature, including natural lubricants such as saliva. Do your research into which lubricants – commercial, household as well as natural – are actually good for sperms. Soap is a strict no-no, as is olive oil. However, peanut oil and baby oil work just fine. It would help to consult with your doctor to make an informed decision.

10. Tip to Boost Your Fertility -Have more sex

Women who have sex regularly are likely to have a more balanced menstrual cycle and healthy ovulation as compared to women who have sporadic sex. Having sex every two days can actually be healthy for both of you and increase your chances of conceiving! Feel free to use a fertile window calculator to know just when to have sex. 

Before you decide to have a baby, make sure you discuss and have your fertility levels checked by your doctor. Now, calculate your fertility using the online fertile window calculator

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