Breast feeding tips – Thoughts every mommy should be knowing

Breast feeding tips

Everything changes the moment you feed your baby for the first time. All the struggles during the pregnancy are forgotten and the world begins to disappear once you hold your baby in such a close embrace. It is this connection that makes the bond between a mother and a child so unique. But the experience can have its fair share of amusement too. Especially, once you’ve gotten in the groove of things. Here is a whole range of thoughts that every mommy thinks of when she’s nursing her baby.

1. Breast feeding tips - “What? Hungry, already?!

You barely managed to grab a snack, and this bright-eyed baby is ready to fill his tum-tum for the nth time and it is only afternoon. You can’t help but wonder how a baby can fit all that milk in its tiny little tummy! But babies feed a lot – sometimes up to 20 times a day! It’s sure to keep you on your toes.


2. Breast feeding tips - “Is it over?That was quick!


That’s how babies can feed 20 times a day, because they do it in short intervals! Their tummies are small, and sometimes babies just want to be pacified. So, after all that howling and crying, isn’t it shocking that your baby is done and satisfied in ten seconds or so?! A lot of moms worry that their baby is not feeding enough. Trust your baby, it knows exactly how much food it needs and when!

3. Breast feeding tips - “That’s it. This is my life now.”

Some babies tend to go on breastfeeding till their two years old. And no matter what you do, the baby just won’t wean off breast milk until it decides to do so. This can get quite frustrating every now and then! And you can’t help but think that this is just how your entire life is going to be now.


4. Breast feeding tips - “Left, or right?

After nursing for long enough, it’s easy to lose track of which breast you were supposed to nurse the baby from! It’s okay, it’s happens to every new mom all the time. As long as you’re healthy and your body is producing enough milk, your baby will be just fine – whichever side it feeds from!


5. Breast feeding tips - “Don’t bite… don’t bite… don’t bite!

When you’re breastfeeding, it’s natural for your nipples to feel sore and sensitive. And every nursing mom’s greatest fear is her naughty little baby biting on the sensitive area while feeding. Because although it hurts, you can’t really do much about it because the baby has latched on and is feeding! You can rub some ice or a cooling gel on the area once you’re done feeding, for some relief!


6. Breast feeding tips - “My only schedule is the feeding schedule

Suddenly, your entire schedule of activities, along with what you eat and drink revolves around breastfeeding! You’ve waited out your pregnancy days patiently to have that spicy junk food you love so much, and now you have to wait a little longer while your friends and everyone around you is chomping away to their heart’s desire! Hang in there, it’s only a matter of time. Besides, healthy babies are happy babies, and happy babies lead to happier moms!


What has your breastfeeding experience been like? Want to share your tips with new mommies? Or have some doubts you want cleared? Drop them in the comments!


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