Busting some Facts on Taking Care of your Newborn

Taking care of your newborn

Are you feeling scared at the prospect of raising your little bundle of joy? Most new mothers get cold feet and suffer from various physical issues after giving birth. It is almost as if the moment your pregnancy test kit online results have been revealed to be positive, everyone begins to offer parenting tips. With a sea of information available online, it is easy to get lost between what to do and what not to do. When you feel totally lost, or your baby is showing some unusual symptom, do not hesitate to ask for help.

From the time a woman receives her pregnancy test kit results from a pregnancy test kit online, she begins to worry for the well-being of her child. No mother would want to make mistakes while raising their child. Let us tell you that it is completely okay to falter. Mothers are also human beings who may need some extra attention and help to raise their baby. While we cannot predict the problems you may encounter, let us debunk some general myths floating around regarding raising newborns.

Myth 1: Picking up a crying baby means spoiling them.

This is false. A baby would not cry without reason. It is their form of communication in the initial years. You have to observe and learn the cues of your child’s crying to realize what they actually need.

Myth 2: Never wake a sleeping baby.

This is completely false. Newborn babies need to eat at least once every four hours. If you have a sleepy baby, you may need to wake your baby up every now and then, at least in the initial years.

Myth 3: Putting honey on a dummy will help with the teething stage.

You should never put honey or any sweet substances on your baby’s dummy. Children under 12 months of age should never be fed honey. It may cause botulism in children.

Myth 4: Teething causes fevers.

Teething does not cause fevers or infections. Newborns are just entering the world and may react faster to germs and viruses. It is their way of coping with the world. If you blame fevers on the teething process, you may miss out on some serious illness symptom.

Myth 5: You may run out of breast milk.

It takes up to six weeks for your child to learn how to breastfeed. It is normal for babies to feed frequently, at least 8 to 12 times a day. Your body would have sufficient quantities of breast milk to feed your child. If you encounter any complications, please consult a doctor immediately. If your child does not intake breast milk properly, your doctor may recommend some baby formulas.

When should you schedule an appointment with a gynecologist?

Home pregnancy test kits online are a life-saver for many. If you see two red lines beside the green control line, it means that you are with a child. A pregnancy test card is pretty much as accurate as it gets. However, please consult a doctor immediately to check for complications. After you give birth, your gynaecologist would probably brief you with the preliminary instructions. Newborns are prone to developing infections. If you feel anything amiss, call up, or visit your pediatrician immediately.

Signing Off

As soon as you receive your pregnancy test kit results from your pregnancy test card in home pregnancy test kits online, your mind probably did a whirlwind math of how to nourish your baby. It is easy to get lost in the plethora of information available on the internet, along with receiving advice from your parents, grandparents, and quite literally every member of the family. Most new mothers are told to lay off fried food, alcohol, and caffeine. If you do not take care of yourself, your baby would suffer. Prioritize selfcare to take better care of your child. And, take tons of pictures because they grow up too fast!


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