Celebrating Festivities during Pregnancy

Celebrating Festivities during Pregnancy

Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Makar Sankranti, there are so many festivities in India. Festivals spread joy, warmth and positivity everywhere. It’s also the time where you meet your close friends and family and be a part of the celebration. There are a lot preparations to be done for any festival, starting from cleaning your house, shopping, making sweets and the final D-day. You might be worrying that the double line on your home pregnancy kit indicating your pregnancy might cause a hindrance to your enjoyment. But worry not! With safety tips and precautions, you can be a part of any festival and celebration without worrying.

Safety Tips & Precautions-

Cleaning House – As you are pregnant and your body undergoes changes, this is not the best time to over exert yourself while cleaning your house and lift heavy objects. During cleaning your house there might be usage of chemicals that are harmful to you and your baby. So, you need to stay from harmful chemicals too. If you are planning to paint your house or polish your furniture, then get it done when you are out of the house as it may cause irritation. Also, watch out for allergens. While decorating your house with flowers, lights and candles any of these might trigger an allergic reaction as pregnant women are more sensitive.

Avoid Firecrackers and Pollution – It goes without saying that during Diwali or most other festivals in India you will find crackers bursting everywhere. The air is polluted and the level of oxygen in the air is reduced. It is imperative that you stay away from polluted places as it may cause problem for you and your baby. In case you feel nauseous or might experience trouble in breathing, you should immediately consult your doctor. Too loud sound can also cause trouble. Sound over 85 decibels can cause hearing problems for you and beyond 110 decibels can harm your baby’s hearing capabilities.

Avoid Streetside Sweets & Food - Any festival is incomplete without sweets and other delicacies. The exchange of sweets with your loved ones will tempt you to indulge in it but you need to control yourself. The hormonal changes during pregnancy may cause acidity, heartburn or pregnancy diabetes. So, limit your consumption of sweets and deep-fried foods. Eat in small portions. Avoid eating outside foods. Say no to alcohol and caffeine. Maintain a healthy diet including protein and vitamins and remember to stay hydrated.

Avoid Wearing Heavy Traditional Clothes – It is a given that during Diwali you will want to dress up and glam yourself. Heavy traditional clothes might apply pressure on the bones and cause pain and skin irritation. Wear loose, comfortable clothes with breathing space. Avoid wearing tight, synthetic clothes. You can go for cotton dresses as they are comfortable to wear and won’t cause any irritation.

Festival Rituals- It's okay if you sit out on rituals this time. Do not bend too much and beware of any burn injuries. Your baby bump will limit your movements. So, it’s okay if you are not able to bend, take blessings and be a part of Diwali pooja. Avoid fasting as you being hungry means your baby is hungry too. This may affect you and your baby’s health.

Indian festivals are always large and celebrated with great fervour, and it’s a great time to gather with your friends and family. After all, everyone wants to celebrate to the fullest. With some precautions and safety, you can enjoy it too. You can use Pregakem’s pregnancy calendar due date calculator or ovulation calendars to plan your good news during festival holidays!


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