Child development in the modern day family

Child development in family after pregnancy

A child’s family contributes profoundly to his/her development – knowingly or unknowingly. Besides genetic influences, familial environmental factors also affect the welfare and development of a child. An understanding of these factors and their powerful impact allows caregivers in the modern day family to lay better foundations for their child’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Let’s take a look at some of the factors.

Home atmosphere

A stable, loving home environment and quality family time promote optimal brain development in young children. If the family dynamics are positive, the child feels safe and goes on to develop a sense of belonging and a healthy self-esteem.

Values & actions of family members

Since family members are a child’s first role models, the early relationships and interactions with them mold his/her self-concept and personality. Children learn about the world (and how to behave in it) by observing and mimicking their elders’ positive or negative attitudes and habits – from social manners to diet and exercise.

Care & Involvement

A family that invests time and energy in raising a child provides him/her with the best opportunity for wholesome development. Quality nurturing and strong bonds with caregivers improve a child’s chances of good physical and mental health.

Family size

Children of large families learn cooperation and conflict-resolution skills at an early age and usually grow up to be socially competent, independent, and productive. Conversely, children without siblings tend to be overprotected and, therefore, over-dependant.

However, consistent contact with and support from extended family, especially grandparents, can expose the child to meaningful bonding experiences as well as rich and varied cultural knowledge, boosting his/her overall development.

Financial situation

Financial security helps modern day families to create an ideal environment for a child’s development. With proper resources to provide for their child, it’s always relatively easier to bring up a child and fulfill his/her ambitions.

Family’s role in child development is a significant one. Depending on how this role is fulfilled, the child gets shaped into the adult he/she eventually becomes.

So, are you and your family ready to welcome a child into the world and nurture him/her into a well-rounded individual?

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