Dad's Guide to Pregnancy to support their partners

Dad’s guide to pregnancy

The journey of a couple from conception topregnancy tochildbirth is as challenging and critical as raising a baby itself. While Dads-To-Be generally aren’t under the radar physically, it doesn’t mean the mommy-to-be does all the work by herself. Parenting is, essentially, teamwork, and the sooner a couple starts with this, the better. A to-be dad’s job isn’t limited to just handling the finances. While the mommy undergoes substantial  physical and emotional transformations, here are a couple of things dads can do for their partners to make pregnancy a more comfortable and happy journey. 

1.Dad's Guide to Pregnancy - Join her on this journey

Your partner has probably made a couple of lifestyle changes after learning of her pregnancy. She’s had to give up on a whole lot of things she enjoyed, and make consciously healthy lifestyle changes. What do you do during this time? You join her, of course! The best way to support your partner through this adventurous journey is by actively making the same changes in your own life too. Go for morning walks together, make sure she gets her regular intake of fresh fruits and veggies, and basically just make sure she doesn’t have to go through this experience alone.

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2. Dad's Guide to Pregnancy - Time to get back to the books

Just because you’re not experiencing pregnancy first hand, doesn’t mean you have to be clueless about it. Knowledge is power, and this is especially true when you’re expecting a baby. Your partner may not always be able to communicate what she’s going through, clearly. So, the best thing you can do is read up all about pregnancy. Educate yourself on pregnancy, childbirth and raising a kid. Read books, do a quick search or simply ask your parents and/or friends who are dads about the best ways to support your partner. Prepare yourself mentally as she experiences the changes physically.

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3. Dad's Guide to Pregnancy - Get in the kitchen 

There will be times when the to-be mommy just won’t have the energy to get into the kitchen and whip up a meal. And you shouldn’t expect her to do this either. This is a great time for you to sharpen your culinary chops. From quick snacks like a salad or a soup to a proper meal like dal-chawal or pasta, learn your way around the kitchen if you haven’t already done so. Also, make sure you take the time out to know where all the ingredients in the kitchen are!


4. Dad's Guide to Pregnancy - Be patient and helpful

Raging hormones will bring about a wave of emotions and intense mood swings in the pregnant lady. You’ll often catch your partner falling asleep at odd hours – during a meal, mid-conversation or even during an intimate moment! Sometimes, romance may be the last thing on her mind, while you are in the mood to heat things up. To put it simply, she is going through a lot and definitely needs your help, patience and understanding. There is no point getting upset or impatient with her. Be empathetic, help her relax and just be patient.


5. Dad's Guide to Pregnancy - Let her know that she is loved

Dealing with the ‘n’ number of changes in their body during pregnancy can sometimes make her feel overwhelmed, anxious, under-confident and insecure about herself. There’s also the fear that your relationship may change forever. The best remedy for this constant worry is to let her know that your love and affection towards her will remain unchanged, despite her physical changes. Be generous with compliments and encouragement, spend quality time together, talk with your baby together, feel her belly and share the wonder of being soon-to-be-parents. 

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6. Dad's Guide to Pregnancy - Indulge her

There’s nothing a nice head massage, back and foot rub or an equally therapeutic activity can’t fix! No one knows this better than a pregnant mommy who’s exhausted, dehydrated, sleep deprived and dealing with swollen feet! This is an excellent way to end a rather tiresome day – dim the lights, put on some soothing music, bring out some warm coconut oil and indulge your partner in some relaxing luxury. She’ll be extremely thankful, and this will work wonders to keep the intimacy alive in your relationship too! 

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7. Dad's Guide to Pregnancy - Communicate with her 

With everyone around you endlessly talking about the pregnancy, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed too. Sometimes, you just don’t want to discuss the baby with your partner. But she’s feeling the same things as you are, and your lack of responsiveness could make her even more anxious. Listening and talking about your feelings in all honesty is the only way to make each other feel better throughout this journey. Besides, she really needs your reassurance and support during this time.

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Your bundle of joy will be here soon! Use this time to strengthen your relationship and set a sound foundation for great parenting! Good luck! If you have any tips or questions for us, let us know in the comments!


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