3 date night ideas in the comfort of your home during pregnancy

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As soon as a couple get the news of being pregnant, their whole world changes. Even though you are expecting a baby, it is very important for you to nurture and better your relationship with your partner. This will help you grow your relationship to the next level. Here are the 4 date night ideas for you and your partner which you can plan at home during your pregnancy:

1. Cook with your partner:

In today’s life, most couples hardly get much time together.On your date night, ask your partner to cook your favorite dish, and you can prepare their favorite dish in return. While cooking you can talk about your relationship, your individual thoughts, share your happiest moments, imagine a joyful life and your future together after having the baby. After cooking, you can arrange for some candle lights, romantic music and enjoy aromatic candle lit dinner with your partner.

2. Watch movie together:

Reminisce the last time when you both watched a good movie together before your pregnancy. You can plan for a movie on your date night, because after having the baby there will be lesser chances that you will get time to watch a movie with your partner uninterrupted. Arrange for everything you may need while watching the movie on your bed or sofa. Get your favorite drinks, your favorite movie snacks like popcorn or nuggets, get a cozy blanket and play the movie that you both want.

3. A massage date:

A pregnant woman experiences aches, cramps, and swollen feet. She also may have insomnia, anxiety and frequent morning sickness. If you want to give her some relief, a gentle massage is the best thing you can do on your date night to make her feel special. If you massage your partner, this will not only ease her pregnancy sores but also give you a good couple-time to calm down and relax. You should ensure that the room is quiet and warm and you can also light up some scented candles and play some soft and soothing relaxing music in the background to set the atmosphere right. Tell your partner to lie comfortably on a large bath towel, and place some soft cushions under her knees for reducing the stress in her curved lower back.

These were some ways in which expecting couples can bond during pregnancy in the comfort of their home. 


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