Raising Twins - 6 Interesting Facts you should be knowing

raising twins

Twins, no matter how often we’ve seen a pair, continue to fascinate everyone. Onlookers want to know if they cry at the same time, feel each other’s pain, and how parents identify each of their babies? And Bollywood only manages to add more mystery around this! Raising twins is not all that it’s cracked up to be in films and serials. And pregnancy with twins is a whole different ball game. A lot of people will give you a lot of uninformed or half-baked knowledge, none of it may prove helpful. If you’re expecting twins, here are some interesting facts you should know! 

First things first… 
Mainly, twins are either identical or fraternal. Identical twins are monozygotic i.e. they’re conceived from one egg, and one sperm, which later splits to form two embryos. On the other hand, fraternal twins are the result of two eggs being fertilised by two different sperms. 

1. Raising Twins - Undergoing a premature delivery

When a mother is carrying more than one baby, a condition called preeclampsia (high blood pressure) increases the chances of premature birth. New mothers expecting twins have a higher chance to experience premature labour than second time mothers carrying twins. Also, this is why mums-to-be who are carrying multiple babies are considered to have a high-risk pregnancy. 

2. Raising Twins - Identical twins are really rare

According to studies the probability for delivering identical twins is about 3 - 5 for every 1,000 births. So, it’s not necessary – it’s not even a high probability – that your twins could be identical! 

3. Raising Twins - Their personalities will be very distinct

Even though they look alike, their personalities will be as different as night and day! While one would bring the house down with their never-ending energy, the other would stay put and read silently in their room. However, they’d share similarities too. Like similar taste in food, or music or even being synchronised in the position the sleep in.

4. Raising Twins - Finding it difficult to figure who’s who

Even parents find it extremely difficult to pick which one is who in the first few months. It’s best that you dress them up in different coloured clothing or tie a ribbon around their ankles to differentiate them. Gradually spotting the different facial expressions and slight differences in features will help. 

5. They’ll be joint-at-the hip forever

Twins will not only be best pals and confide in each other, but they’ll also be the other’s number one competitor. They not only learn things faster to beat the other one, but they even help the other get on par with the skills they just learnt. Compared to most kids, twins learn faster and are known to display empathy and other social skills before single babies pick those skills up.

6. Make sure you have a day-to-day plan 

Raising twins isn’t easy, and is obviously more difficult than raising a single child. Having a plan and sticking to it will certainly take half the load off your shoulders. Make it a point to stick to a consistent sleep, feeding and bathing routine. It will minimise the feeling of investing twice the parenting effort.

If you have any more questions on raising twins, pregnancy, what’s the most accurate pregnancy test or how to use an ovulation calculator, simply ask us in the comments below and we’ll get back to you. 


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