Know more about the first week of your pregnancy

First week of pregnancy

You’ve been trying to conceive for a while and have finally succeeded. Congratulations! Now you’re curious and are aching to know what’s happening to you during every phase of this nine-months long journey. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start from square one i.e. the very first week of conception.

What are the signs?

Realistically, Week 1 is likely to go by without you even noticing that you’re pregnant! The endometrium i.e. the inner lining of your uterus starts building up to make room for the fertilized egg. If the egg doesn’t implant into the endometrium, the progesterone hormone, which ensures implantation of the fertilised egg in the uterus and maintain pregnancy, drops and your body starts to get rid of the endometrium, which means you get your period as per schedule or slightly late. If the implantation happens successfully, you miss your period and so the development of an egg into a foetus is about to begin.

In case you have been keeping tabs on your Basal Body Temperature, you will see that your body temperature remains elevated post the 16th day of your Luteal Phase. What does all this mean? The Luteal Phase is the first day of your last menstrual period, and the Basal Body Temperature is basically the lowest body temperature your body can have when it’s at rest and is measured immediately after waking up using a special thermometer. The fluctuation in your Basal Body Temperature is one of the earliest signs of conception, and an indication that it’s time to call your gynaecologist.

But still, there are no dramatic changes during this time, so don’t worry if you don’t feel anything.

What about the baby?

At this stage, your baby is still a wee little egg barely visible to the naked eye.The conception doesn’t actually begin until two weeks after your periods have ended. Once the egg is implanted and fertilised, the cells begin to divide to form a blastocyte – the external blastocyte will eventually become the placenta, whereas the inner part will become the embryo.

What should I be doing?

In the first week, mostly just relax. The first week is perhaps your last week of letting go on your diet and older lifestyle. Start exercising mindfulness in every aspect of your life. Cut back on caffeine, alcohol, smoking and junk or processed foods that offer no nutritional value. Consult with your doctor on the prenatal multivitamins and mineral supplements you should be taking. Do not stress yourself out. In fact, indulge yourself by visiting that spa you’ve been wanting to for so long. Get plenty of sleep andexercise sufficiently.

What should the to-be dad be doing?

Well, prepare yourself for what’s about to come! Lifestyle and healthy changes aren’t reserved for the mom-to-be alone. Dads need to get with the new program too! This means chucking the cigarettes and the alcohol, and more of healthy diet and regular exercise. Don’t stress or drive yourself to fatigue, as it can severely affect sperm health and mobility. Spend more time with your partner – this is a great time to further nurture the warmth, love and joy of companionship.

All said and done, remember to enjoy the whole journey instead of stressing about the little things. Relax, stay healthy and just go with the flow. All the best!


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