Food items to keep away from your new born

keep away foods from new born

The idea of feeding your baby seems very attractive. But as parents, you need to keep certain things in mind before giving your baby anything other than breast milk. New born babies have a very delicate digestive system. If you try to give your baby food items that are not suitable for their system, it can also have negative effects on the baby’s body. The food items may turn out to be harsh on their systems or can even lead to food allergies. As a new parent, it is essential to know the rights and wrongs.

We have compiled a list of food items that aren't safe for your new born baby:

1. Honey:

No matter what the elders in the family say, it is best to keep honey away from your new born. Even though honey is natural and sweet, it may contain harmful bacteria like Clostridium botulinum. These bacteria can lead to a bacterial infection in the intestines,and the baby doesn’t have a strong immune system to fight this off. 

2. Cow’s Milk:

In the first year, it is best to stick to breast milk only. As far as possible, try to avoid cow’s milk or direct carton milk. Breast milk is the best as it contains essential enzymes and nutrients that are good for the baby. Cow’s milk is a little difficult to digest for a new born baby. 

3. Chocolate:

As tempting as it may seem, chocolates are the most unsafe food items that you can give to your baby. Chocolates contain a high sugar amount and caffeine, you don’t want to give that to your baby now, do you?

4. Wheat:

Adults can easily digest wheat, but babies must be kept away from wheat at least till they don’t turn one. Wheat contains gluten, which is a type of protein that can give major tummy problems to your little one. 

5. Anything squishy or large:

Keep all large food items away from your baby. Including anything that is squishy or sticky. Such food items are very risky around babies, as there are high chances of choking. Keep your babies away from grapes, marshmallows and raw vegetables.

6. Salt:

Breast milk contains everything in the necessary amounts, you don’t need anything extra. Babies require not more than 1 gram of salt per day. A baby’s kidney isn’t developed enough to handle any more sodium than that. All food items that contain salt must be avoided like processed or packaged food or even formula. Always read the label carefully before giving your baby anything to eat. 

7. Berries and Citrus:

Berries may seem like a good idea since they are soft and sweet. But it is better to keep them away from your baby. Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries contain protein that is difficult for babies to digest. Citrus fruits like oranges are acidic in nature and can lead to rashes near the diaper area, face, and back. It can also disturb your baby’s stomach. 

8. Canned juices:

Don’t give any other liquid to your baby other than breast milk and water. Canned juices contain preservatives, additional flavours, and taste. It would be a better option to avoid them. Also, before giving fresh juice to your baby, consult the doctor. 

9. Peanut butter:

They are every child’s favourite thing. But it might not be a good idea to introduce it to your new born baby. It contains high levels of a protein that can be harmful to your baby. Also, it can lead to allergies. 

10. Popcorn:

Kids love popcorn, but they must be kept away from new born babies. They are a serious choking hazard for the little ones. The centre piece of a popcorn is hard and doesn’t melt or dissolve easily in the mouth. Parents must strictly keep popcorns away from children below 12 months. In fact, many pediatricians recommend keeping kids away from popcorns till the age of 4 years.

Do you know of any more such food items? Leave them in the comments below!


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