Guide to Family Fitness and Health

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Now is the perfect time to bring about a major lifestyle change for both, the children as well as the parents. The modern and hectic lifestyle demands a lot of mental activity, giving very less room for any physical activity. Almost everyone is glued to technology for most part of the day. Parents can’t even ask the children to be away from technology, because kids learn what they see. So, if the parents are inactive and have a bad lifestyle, the kids are bound to copy that.

Focusing on fitness and being physically active should be incorporated right from the early 
childhood to cultivate healthy habits. Being active not only improves the cardiovascular and physical health but also improves the quality of sleep, increase learning and attention span, reduces the stress level and builds up the immune system. The best way to incorporate fitness into the daily schedule is by turning it into a fun family activity. It will not only improve everyone’s health but will also give you extra time to spend with your family. What can be better than having fun and getting fit alongside! 

Here’s a fun guide to family fitness and health that you can easily accommodate in your schedule:

1. Take walks:

What could be the easiest way to fitness than long walks? Try to walk with your kids, be it 20 minutes after dinner or an evening brisk walk. This will not only give you a little extra bonding time but also re-energize you and improve your overall health. 

2. Play together:

Try to be as involved as possible in your kids’ playtime as well. Kids love it when their parents play with them. Simple activities like going to the park, playing football, playing catch, swimming, or even running together do wonders. Such simple activities help to boost the overall fitness of the family.

3. Make fitness accessible:

Instead of gluing yourself to your couch and letting your kids do the same thing, make fitness and health easily accessible. Don’t let the skipping ropes hide in the back of the wardrobe. 

4. Habits and hobbies:

Pick up new hobbies together as a family. Join taekwondo classes with your child, learn to draw and paint again or even take dance lessons together. Then make it a habit to have a dance session every evening in the living room. All the family members can come together to shake a leg and make family fitness and health a fun affair. 

5. Minimize screen time:

Set up certain house rules that keep the family away from the screens. You could even dedicate a particular day to be a ‘no screen day’. Add as many fun and healthy ways to fill in the screen void as you can. Ensure that all family members do some physical activity when they are not on their screens and that they don’t laze around. 

This was our fun and simple guide to family fitness and health. Do you know of any more ways to incorporate fitness into a family’s daily routines? Share with us in the comments below.  


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