How Can You Ensure Comfort During Your Second Pregnancy

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The love and happiness which your first baby has brought into your life is endless, but now the time has come when you are expecting your second child. Organizing everything before the birth of the baby is the best thing you can do for your comfort during the second pregnancy, even though it may be challenging for you.

When you have planned for everything in advance, it will be easy for you to manage your second pregnancy, and you will surely welcome your second baby in the way you have decided. Here are some tips which can help you in ensuring your comfort during your second pregnancy:

1. Get a babysitter during delivery

Delivery of your second baby will be the time when you will be separated from your first baby, and you will have to trust someone else to take care of your baby. You can either hire a babysitter, or you can ask someone reliable and trustworthy person such as a family member to take care of your baby in your absence. The other person can even be your partner, your distant relative, or your closest friend,etc.

2. Re-use some stuff saved from your first pregnancy

Some stuff you have used for your first pregnancy can also be useful for your second pregnancy, such as your pregnancy gown, pregnancy pillow, tissues, pregnancy shoes, feeding bottles, bibs, bedding material, stroller, crib, baby car seat etc. You should ensure that everything being used is clean and fresh for your newborn.

3. Pack your baby bag

Pack a bag for your first baby and include their favorite items such as your baby’s favorite toy, activity book, favorite snack etc. Make a schedule for your first baby which can be followed daily. Discuss your baby’s schedule (especially your baby’s sleeping and eating times) with the person who is going to be with your first baby in your absence, and have a practice session of the schedule in front of you. This way you can clarify any doubts which you may have in your mind. Schedule some work for your first baby,such as telling your baby to write down certain things that your baby wants to do with the newborn, or you can ask your first baby to draw pictures of your new family to stay busy and occupied.

4. Arrange a place for your newborn

You should decide on the place where your newborn would sleep. Re-arrange your home according to your newborn; and keep everything in its proper place. When you are back from your delivery, you will have to manage both your kids together. You can teach your first born how to behave around their younger sibling. This will allow the first born to respect the time and space that infants require. Whenever they are within close reach of each other, make sure you keep watch.

5. Don’t neglect your first child

Before your newborn comes, do something special with your first baby, such as read your baby’s favorite books, cook their favorite food etc. Try to spend maximum time with your first baby and prepare the baby for the newborn so that there is no sense of neglect or less importance. You can take your baby to the water park, zoo or their favorite place.  


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