How To-Be Dads can prepare for Pregnancy

preparing for pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy there’s plenty of focus on the mother, and rightfully so. The mother after all, undergoes the experience firsthand, bears the hormonal changes and the pain of delivery. It requires a lot of groundwork and preparation to ensure a smooth pregnancy for the mom. But this is just as much of an overwhelming journey for the dad as it is for the mom. In this post, we will look at what the father can do to prepare himself for his new role, along with what he can do to make the to-be mother’s life better during pregnancy. To-be dads, start taking notes!

What can you do in the pre-pregnancy stage?

The man is an equally important member in the pre-pregnancy stage. He is a part of the decision to try for the baby, and of course, ensure successful conception.


You can begin with getting adequate knowledge and information about conception and the entire process of pregnancy. Read up all about male fertility and how it can be improved to better your chances of conception. A talk with the ob-gyn and even your family physician, clearing all the doubts you might have about the process, is an integral part of preparing yourself for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

You also need to be aware of all the changes your partner will be going through – hormonal, physical or mental – during this time and how it is likely to affect your life and relationship. This will help you prepare yourself, and empathize with your partner better.

Health and diet

It takes two to tango. And you are equally responsible for a successful conception. Therefore, when you decide to have a baby, it’s your responsibility to take care of your health and diet. Make sure your fertility and sperms are healthy – at least three months before you start trying for a baby. Any addiction like smoking and alcohol or drugs will have to be kept at bay. Apart from that, a fair amount of exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will go a long way.

How can you help your partner?

You can start by reading up on pregnancy and consulting the doctors. Understanding what exactly happens in the process of pregnancy plays a big role in understanding each other, and especially the mother to-be. Knowing why you are doing something or why something is happening will take a lot of stress out of the whole process as well as your relationship.

Practice patience

Pregnancy is a long and anxiety-inducing process. To go through the entire journey comfortably, you and your partner have to work as a team. The onus of maintaining the balance is on the man, since the woman is experiencing too many changes and that might get difficult for her to deal with most times. The man is just a part of the process and will have to be the more understanding and patient of the two.

Attend prenatal classes

Take prenatal courses together. You are the biggest source of support to your partner, and attending such things together will not only help you both understand how well you work as parents, but also bring you both closer to each other.

Instill intimacy

Take her out on dates, try new things together, add extra romance and spice to the bedroom, you know what we mean. Just because you’re trying for a baby, doesn’t mean you have to take all the fun out of intimacy. Remember, stressing about whether or not you’ll get it right this time, is exactly counterproductive to conception. Stress affects libido as well as sperm health. Besides, if you worry about making a baby all the time, you may not even be in the right mood. Instead, make sure you and your partner are having a little fun, enjoying your time together and are just relaxed the whole time.

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