How your Second Pregnancy is different from your First!

Second pregnancy

Your first pregnancy may or may not have been an overwhelming ride but it most definitely was an immense learning experience. Which explains why you’re so excited for your second pregnancy too! Ask any mommy of two, and she’ll tell you that her second pregnancy was so remarkably different from the first one. Here are a few ways how.

Here's a list of things to know how your second pregnancy is different from your first pregnancy:

1. Your baby bump starts showing sooner

When you were pregnant for the first time, it took forever for your baby bump to show. But the second time, the bump starts showing at least a whole month earlier. This is mainly because your uterus doesn’t go back to its original size after the first pregnancy. 

2. Your baby bump appears to be hanging lower

During the first pregnancy, the abdominal muscles stretch so much, that they can’t support a baby the same way as before. But it’s nothing to worry about. A lower baby bump is actually more comfortable, and lets you breathe and eat more easily. The downside is that it puts pressure on your bladder, meaning frequent urge to pee; and it may cause extra strain on your back if you do a lot of lifting work – but it’s nothing regular exercise can’t fix! 

3. You’re twice as tired

The first time around, you only had the hormones to blame for your constant fatigue. Now, you have to cope with the hormone-induced tiredness and chasing after a toddler. There’s no taking break from being a mom to your firstborn – you still have to make sure they get their meals on time, follow their routine and clean up their mess – while simultaneously handling other aspects of the household, along with your pregnancy. If you thought your first pregnancy was the peak of fatigue, you’re about to experience a whole new level. 

4. You’re less anxious

Now you’re armed with experience, insight and plenty of knowledge from all the research you did the first time around. The symptoms are familiar, so you know exactly how to deal with them. You know the pain and discomfort are a part of the process and will pass by sooner or later, so you’re not bogged down or anxious the way you were the first time around. 

5. You spend less time researching

Not because you know everything, but mostly because you know all that you have to. More importantly, you just don’t have the extra time! Besides you realise that when the time comes for it, you’re probably going to forget about the extra information anyway. And that’s completely okay. You could utilise that time or energy to take a nap or spend quality moments with your firstborn instead! 

6. Your “No-Eat” list is upgraded

During the first pregnancy, you were so nervous and focused on ensuring the health of your baby that you’d spend hours researching and adding foods to the “no eat” list. You would obsess over ingredients, nutritional charts and whatnot. And you’d follow your pregnancy diet to the letter, except for the occasional cheat meals. But by now, you know exactly what works, what doesn’t and how. You’re more relaxed and have a better understanding of your health and body. So you don’t spend time being too paranoid about food. 

7. Your shopping list is shorter

If there’s not much of a time gap between your two pregnancies, we’re sure you already have plenty of supplies from your first pregnancy, such as multivitamins, maternity clothes, diapers, soaps, lotions, toys, crib, feeding bottles, pacifiers and so on. Money saving for the win! 

8. You spend less time in labour

Since your body has already gone through the whole thing once, your cervix is no longer as rigid and the dilation is easier and faster. Besides, you’re ready for the pain and what’s about to come next. Before you know, your second child is all wrapped and bundled in your arms! 
Experienced moms! Tell us how your second pregnancy was different from the first. If you have any questions or doubts, please post them in the comments below.



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