How to deal with food cravings when pregnant during monsoons

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The monsoon season can be very special for pregnant women. During monsoon, you can stay under your blanket for longer times, enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks,and watch your favorite movies with leisure. It is very necessary for you to take care of your diet during pregnancy. You might have carvings for outside food during pregnancy,or you may want to eat samosas or pakoras when it rains, but it may not be a good idea for you to eat food from outside. It is by far better to indulge in healthy eating habits during the monsoon season. Here are some tips which can help you in dealing with your food cravings, and keep you healthy during your pregnancy during the monsoon season:

Please consult your gynecologist before following any of the below mentioned tips:

Tips to manage cravings :

• Consume a balanced diet that consists of protein, low-fat dairy foods, whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and legumes.

• Eat many small meals to avoid low blood sugar in the blood.

• Get adequate exercise as permitted by your doctor.

• Keep your mind off foods you crave for by distracting yourself with household chores, short walks, talking to a friend, or reading a good book.

• Choose healthier food options such as baked chips instead of fried chips, or a small candy over a king size chocolate bar, or a frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

During the monsoon, it’s best to follow the below practices as well.

1. Don’t eat raw fruits or vegetables-

During the monsoon season, leafy vegetables, fruits and raw salads get contaminated easily due to the humid weather, and this can cause digestive malfunction. Vegetables cut and kept for a long time are likely to absorb moisture from the air, and this can result in overgrowth of bacteria. Eating these vegetables during pregnancy can be risky for your baby. It is better to go for boiled or cooked vegetables instead of raw vegetables because raw vegetables contain some enzymes which are not easily digested. The other way to get required amount of nutrients is to have soups. If you want to drink juices, make and drink them immediately, so that bacteria doesn’t grow within the juice. Orange,Kiwi, Mousambi, Grapefruit (chakotara)are fruits you should eat during the monsoon season because they contain larger amounts of vitamins and nutrients which are necessary for the growth of your baby

2. Drink purified water-

You need adequate water levels in your body for the proper functioning of your body. Drink water whenever you feel thirsty to avoid water loss, but during the monsoon season, water gets contaminated very easily.Therefore, pregnant women are suggested to drink boiled water only, after the water has cooled. If you are outside your home, and you don’t have access to clean fresh water, you can drink packaged juices or coconut water, but refrain from drinking open water or juices from road-side vendors.

3. Refrain from outside food at all costs-

During the monsoon season is when people suffer from lots of health issues such as food poisoning, indigestion etc. Outside food can be very risky for you during your pregnancy, because during this time is when your body is very sensitive, and you can easily pick up stomach infections due to your lowered immunity. It is best for you to avoid any street food during your pregnancy. 


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