How to get back into your work life after pregnancy


Imagine that you and your baby have spent a lot of time together. And, even when your baby made a little bit of sound, you went there to check on your baby to ensure whether your baby is fine or not. At the extremes, the thought of staying away from your baby for even a single minute makes you cry, but you have to do this for going back to work. As your maternity leave ends, you need to go back to work, and this will not be easy for you because you have to leave your baby for the whole day, and your responsibility will be doubled during this time.

These are seven tips which will help you balance professional life and personal life immediately after your maternity leave finishes:

Adjust your work time

If you are feeling very emotional and stressful leaving your baby in a daycare, ask your husband to help you with this. Co-ordinate with your husband and adjust your work timings accordingly so that either one of you can stay with baby all the time. One of you can go to work early in the morning, and your partner can work in the late afternoons. In this way the baby will always be with one parent, and will not feel alone. On the other hand, you can also avail work from home options.

Get a breast pump

If your baby is breastfeeding, you can buy a breast pump as the pump can help you take out the milk when it is convenient, and you can refrigerate it at a moderate temperature for consumption by the baby later. Before leaving home, tell your baby’s care taker to give the milk to the baby when the baby is hungry, while you are gone. In this way, your baby will not miss your milk even when you are not there.

Test run before joining work

When your maternity leave is just ending, take some time to role play before and see how you will manage when you actually return back to work. You may find that feeding the baby takes a lot more time than you thought,and taking the baby to a daycare also takes a lot of time. If your office starts at 8 am, get up early in morning, do your share of household chores and baby care and then leave the home to reach office before 8 am. All these practices will help you in relieving stress on your first day of work.

Remember your needs

Always remember that for taking care of everyone, you need to take care of yourself first.While you are running around and caring for your baby, take some time out and write down and fulfill all the things you need for pampering yourself, and buy the things which are important for you. These can be a pair of shoes, beauty care products or your favorite chocolates.

Backup plans ready

Always keep a backup plan ready for your baby. In case your baby falls sick and the caretaker is on leave, your baby will cry continuously and will not leave you. Keep a plan ready with your husband so that either you or your husband will be with the baby, and by taking turns you will both take care of the baby one at a time.

Carry nursing pads

You might feel uncomfortable at work if and when your breasts leak. You should always carry a nursing pad with you because it helps to absorb the milk, and moreover your lactating nipples will not be visible through the clothes.

Baby’s photo

It is obvious that you will miss your baby. You will have to wait for the whole day to see your baby in your arms. If you keep your baby’s photo on your desk or table, you will feel better and happier. On the other hand, you may also feel bad and emotionally hurt that you are not with your baby. If you are feeling saddened when you see the photo, you can keep the photo at home and not bring it to the office to hurt you. Try it once. You can also keep the photo of a mother with a child in the office.


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