How to give the News of a Second Child to your First Child this New Year


Pregnancy as an experience changes you in so many ways. And for many of us, it's an experience that we go through twice. Although the second time around, the hardest part may not be the pregnancy itself, but the dynamics that change when your first child is going to have a sibling! Bringing them to terms with this might seem like a daunting task. But if the big news is a part of your New Years’ plan, we're sure that these following tips will help make it an easier process! 

1) Use a story-book

Storybooks or illustrations are the best way for a young child to comprehend information. A popular story or a cartoon which explains a similar situation in a fun waywill not only ease the burden from your shoulders but also create a space for meaningful questions and answers. Also, it's not necessary to delve into a lot of details with this. Children generally want a logical and a simple explanation.

2. Include your child in the process

Having a baby involves a lot of important tasks, one of them is deciding on the name. Including your first born in this process and asking for their opinion makes them feel involved. At the same time, this also prepares them to expect an actual little person in their lives! Be careful with the creativity though unless you want your child named after a cartoon character.

3. Belly-love

Is your baby moving around already? Let your first-born feel them out with you! You can be creative with the explanation as to what's actually happening, but they will definitely bond with their future sibling with this activity. Being consistent with engaging your child in this process is a great way to prepare them for your second child.

4. Train your child on baby-interaction

One thing that your first-born doesn't know is how to actually interact with a younger sibling. Using a doll to train them with the gentleness and extra care that a new-born needs, explaining how to touch and speak to them goes a long way in defining their attitude towards their sibling. It's important to make this a continuous learning process.  So that when you actually have the baby, your elder child will be ready. 

5. Old pictures

One of the toughest questions to answer for any parent is "Where do babies come from?", but the best time to answer that is when you're pregnant! And what better way to explain it to your first-born than showing them pictures of when you were pregnant with them. This can be used right from the start of your pregnancy. As the pictures can help the child to guess what is coming their way.  This also makes the whole process smooth and complete for them.
The birth of a new life is a huge thing for you and even more so for your first-born child! For them, a newborn means having a person who is going to have a share in everything they have, mostly your love and affection. But by making them familiar with the whole process will not only help them once the new-born arrives but also make them view their sibling as a partner right from the start!

Do you have any wisdom to share with second time mothers? Or any queries about breaking the news of your second child to your first one? Comment below and let’s talk!


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