How to manage your pets during your pregnancy


Handling pets during pregnancy can be very challenging. Whether your pets are safe for you during your pregnancy depends on the type of the pet you have. Some common pets such as cats and dogs don’t do much harm while other pets such as reptiles and farm animals can be harmful during your pregnancy. Here are 7 tips you can consider to manage both your pet and your pregnancy :

1. Dogs -

Dogs are usually quite friendly during pregnancy but it is necessary for you to teach your dog how to behave properly. You should ensure that your dog gets familiar with the other people in your family, so that the dog feels comfortable with them when you will be away for hospital visits. Even after delivery you will spend most time with your baby and you will not be able to give a lot of time to your dog.Get the dog vaccinated before the last trimester of your pregnancy.

2. Cats -

Give the responsibility of looking after your cat and cleaning the cat litter to someone else. You should ensure that your cat is mostly at home and only goes out under someone’s supervision.

3. Hamsters (Guinea pigs) -

These tips can help you to keep yourself protected from LCMV (lymphocytic choriomeningitis mammarenavirus) that Guinea pigs and hamsters are known to carry. Give the responsibility of taking care of your hamsters or guinea pigs to someone else. Arrange for a separate room for your hamsters or guinea pigs, and you should not go near that room. You should ensure that the person who enters the pet’s room should have the least possible contact with the pets. After coming out of the pet’s room, they should wash their hands properly and sanitize them also.

4. Birds -

For safety purpose, have someone take your bird to the vet to check for any harmful germs which the bird may be carrying. Give the responsibility of regularly cleaning the bird and the bird cage to some other person in the house. Ensure that they maintain continued good hygiene after doing the cleaning.  


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