Is Baby Planning a Part of Your New Year Plan?

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We couldn’t be happier for you! Baby planning begins with a whole burst of anticipation and excitement. The first thing that you realize on this journey is that baby planning isn’t that easy as it sounds. There are a number of things that need to be in place before even you think of having a baby. But don’t worry, we have got you covered! Here are some essential baby planning tips that can help you as well as your partner before embarking upon this journey:

1) Know your cycle:

The first and foremost thing before planning a baby is to know your monthly cycle. It is only when you know your monthly cycle properly, will you be able to identify or track your ovulation days. You are most likely to get pregnant when you are ovulating. If you are still unsure about your ovulating dates, check out our ovulation calculator to make things easier for you. 

2) Preconception checkup:

A preconception checkup is basically done before you try to get pregnant. Both you and your partner need to get a complete health checkup done by primary health care providers. This helps to diagnose and correct any underlying health conditions, before getting pregnant.

3) Watch what you eat:

Since this baby is part of your new year’s plan, how about you make eating healthy a part of your new year’s resolutions? You should really look after your diet while preparing for pregnancy. As far as possible make healthier food choices. This way you will not only have a healthy pregnancy, but also a healthy baby. Avoid junk food, alcohol and smoking even before getting pregnant. You can also start taking prenatal vitamins like folic acid.

4) Get off the pill:

It is essential that you stop using your birth control a couple of months prior to your trying period. This is so that you get to see what your actual menstrual cycle looks like. Is it 28 days or 32 days? You need to get off the pills a few months before because it takes a little while for your hormones to get back on the natural track. This is done just to be precise about your ovulating days

5) Exercise:

Make this your New Year’s mantra. After all, a healthy body will be a perfect home for a new baby, right? It is crucial that the couple is together in each and every phase, the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy phase! Working out together also helps to keep the stress at bay, and helps the couple to bond even more. If yoga or meditation is your thing, then let that be it. Basically, help each other, release all your stress and get healthy!

Do you have any more baby planning tips? Leave them in the comments below!

Also, we wish you a very Happy New Year!


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