Is sex painful for men – 6 issues you need to know?

Is sex painful for men

Trying to conceive? The onus of sexual health and fertility doesn't just rest with women. Men are equally vulnerable to issues such as painful sex. It can interfere with your attempts of causing a successful pregnancy permanently, if you don't get it checked.

1. Tear in the foreskin

A foreskin is that bit of folded skin at the tip of the penis. It provides lubrication and protects the head of the penis. During sex, if you experience a pain extending from underside of the penis, and/or notice some bleeding, it could be due to a torn foreskin. The foreskin can tear due to a variety of reasons such as sex, masturbation, sudden forceful movement of the lower body and even zipper accidents. If this happens, refrain from sex for a bit, wear loose clothing and allow the foreskin to heal on its own. In case there’s bleeding, or the tear doesn’t heal in a few days or if the pain persists, see a urologist as soon as possible.

2. Tight foreskin

Some men experience tightness in the foreskin, which can be painful, especially during ejaculation. This condition is also known phimosis. In other cases, the foreskin stretches back just fine, but doesn’t go back to its normal position naturally – called Paraphimosis. Gently stretch and retract the foreskin regularly to reduce the tightness. If problems persist, consult a urologist.

3. A fracture in the penis

An erect penis is bent forcefully and suddenly, it can cause trauma and a fracture. If you hear a cracking noise followed by pain, it’s a fracture in the penis. But, if you are ignoring it the fracture may damage the urethra which transports urine out of the body, and causes bleeding, deformities and erectile dysfunction (the penis’ inability to be erect). Penile fracture can occur during sex in certain positions, as well as due to aggressive masturbation.

4. Prolonged erection

Also known as Priapism, in this condition you may feel a sharp, surging pain in your groin and experience an erection that lasts for more than four hours. Priapism has known to be cause by overuse of untested fertility supplements for men, or other health issues such as sickle cell anemia or diabetes. In case you experience this, see a doctor immediately, because if ignored, it can cause lifelong fertility and testicular problems.

5. Swollen or bruised testicles

Swollen testicles are usually a symptom of a greater problem, instead of being a problem by itself. If you take part in sports like football or cricket regularly, then an injury to the groin could cause this. Skin infection, accumulation of excess fluid in the region, kidney problems and even sexually transmitted infections could cause a swelling. In case of a skin infection, make sure you keep the area clean, cool and dry. Make sure you consult a doctor to find out the root cause of the swelling or bruising so they can give you the required medication.

6. ebaceous cysts

Sebaceous cysts are a lump filled with a greasy substance called sebum that develops just under your skin. Cysts are formed as a result of a blocked oil gland or hair follicle. And can feel painful or sore when touched. While they can develop all over the body, formation of sebaceous cysts on the scrotum is a very common problem. And also can make sex painfully uncomfortable. The best way to prevent formation of these cysts is to maintain good hygiene in your genital area. Avoid wearing tight underwear and pants, and do not scratch, puncture or try to treat the cyst by yourself. Mostly, it disappears on its own or is treated by antibiotics, but if it appears red and feels sore, make sure you see a doctor immediately.

Is sex painful for men - The Conclusion

When you decide it’s time to start trying to conceive, a whole lot of research on all about pregnancy, fertility and sexual health is recommended. In any case, it’s most important that you maintain genital hygiene and handle yourself with care. Don’t hesitate to see a doctor about any issues, problems or concerns regarding fertility, conception or pregnancy that you may be having.


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