How to Manage Mood Swings Of Your Partner during Second Pregnancy

  • March 04, 2019
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Pregnancy is like a rollercoaster track and the mood swings are like the car. You never know when it goes up and when it goes down! As a father, you must have dealt with your wife’s mood swings during the first pregnancy. However, the second pregnancy comes with a whole new set of challenges. Don’t let the pregnancy mood swings affect you or your relationships though. 

We know that you love her and that you understand what she is going through. So here are a few tips on how to manage the mood swings of your partner during second pregnancy:

1. Patience is the key:
If one person is going through a rough patch of mood swings, then the other person needs to remain calm and patient. Patience is the key to dealing with your wife’s mood swings during the second pregnancy. 

2. Avoid tit-for-tat:
If your partner does something because of the mood swings, maintain your cool and respond in a mature way. The response to anger shouldn’t be anger, instead, it should be compassion.

3. Make her feel loved:
One of the common reasons for mood swings is to feel unattractive or not loved. Which is quite understandable as the body is going through a lot of changes. Every now and then, give her the break that she deserves from all the extra-toddler-energy at home. Take her out on dates, pamper her, make her feel loved and beautiful. 

4. Share the load:
Share her burden. If you know some things that bother her, keep that away from her. Lighten up her work, but doing a share of it. Keep the older one entertained and look after him, so that your wife can relax for a little while. Small gestures go a long way in managing the mood swings.

5. Encourage her:
Her body will undergo certain different types of changes than what it did the first time. Accept her for the way she is right now. Your wife would already be complaining about getting fat and not fitting into her clothes. The least you can do is support her for the way she is during this period. Shower her with compliments and make her feel good about herself. 

What do you do to manage the mood swings of your partner during the second pregnancy? Share with us and help the fellow dads by making life easier for them!

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