How to manage pregnancy and professional life

manage work and pregnancy life

Pregnancy may be an exciting time but it can prove quite tough on working parents-to-be. The challenge lies in fulfilling professional responsibilities while also meeting demanding pregnancy needs. Here is how expectant parents can ensure a productive work performance along with happy and healthy pregnancy.

Making the pregnancy announcement

It is important for the purposes of transparency and maintaining goodwill that the senior people at the office hear the good news directly from the parent-to-be, instead of it being communicated by the grapevine. Once pregnancy enters the second trimester (when the risk of miscarriage drops), professional etiquette demands that the expectant parent formally share the news and inform about parental leave plans, including the tentative date of return. Doing so gives employers and coworkers ample time to familiarize themselves with the ongoing projects and get ready to share the expectant parents’ work burden.

Preparing for parental leave

Besides copying coworkers on important emails to keep them updated on key projects, the parent-to-be should also document and communicate detailed instructions for the individual tasks they’re handling. This will not only allow coworkers to assist them with work responsibilities but also make the maternity/paternity leave transition smoother and ensure that the work goes on unhindered in their absence.

Managing pregnancy symptoms at work

Pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and body ache can make it difficult for an expectant mother to meet her work obligations effectively. Some symptoms can even exacerbate due to certain work-related practices.

Expectant mothers can follow these recommendations to battle symptoms and stay comfortable at work:

1. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

2. Bring to work a nausea emergency kit (containing relief medicine, chewing gum, mouthwash or mouth freshener, plastic bag, and tissues).

3. To improve blood circulation and ease muscle aches, go for a walk during lunch breaks.

4. Arrange for a lumbar cushion or a chair that offers good back support.

5. Avoid staying on feet all day. Prevent or relieve swelling by using a foot rest to elevate feet occasionally.

6. Take frequent breaks during office hours. Stretch and move around (after every 30 minutes of sitting at the desk) to avoid leg cramps and back pain.

7. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

manage pregnancy

8. Stave off weakness by never skipping a meal and by eating foods rich in iron and protein. Avoid caffeinated drinks and oily/spicy food. Munch on healthy snacks to prevent indigestion and nausea.

9. Get at least 8 hours of restful sleep every night. Indulge in power naps at work to fight fatigue. Excuse self from work if exhaustion sets in.

Some ways for an expectant father to help the mother-to-be cope better with the physical and emotional pregnancy symptoms:
1. Be affectionate, caring, patient and understanding. 

pregnancy care
2.Ensure she gets enough rest and nutrition.

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3. Drive her to her workplace in the mornings. (Also, pick up in the evenings if work timings match.)

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4. Avoid longer working hours so that you are back home early in the evenings.

5. Lend her a hand with household chores.

6. Give her a foot rub and back massage at the end of each day, to help ease symptoms like feet swelling and body ache.

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Other DOs & DON’Ts
In order to balance work and pregnancy properly, working parents-to-be must also take care to:

1. Keep each other updated about work obligations, as well as, pregnancy plans and developments.

2. Be there for each other emotionally. Talk through work and pregnancy/parenthood stressors.

3. Keep anxiety at bay and rally all the support they can get, at work and at home.

4. Practice time management by listing down daily routines and scheduled meetings (both official visits and medical appointments).

5. Take safety precautions and do not hesitate to say no to work (involving long hours, heavy lifting, extreme temperatures, etc.) that might adversely affect their mental or physical health.

6. Opt for the convenient work-from-home option, if available.

Finding out about the pregnancy early on allows the expectant parents to manage it better alongside their work. A home pregnancy test kit can help in this regard. Pregakem offers a reliable, 5-minute pregnancy detection kit that can be conveniently used at home to find out if a baby is on the way.

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