How to help your partner with mood swings during pregnancy

pregnancy mood swings

There is absolutely nothing to worry about pregnancy mood swings as pregnancy mood swings are more common than you think. It may get unnerving at times too. It is important for you to know that you cannot control these mood swings. Though there is no set rule book to help you deal with pregnancy mood swings better, here are a few tips that may come in handy. 

Understand her:

A woman experiences way too many hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy. Pregnant women experience a host of emotions such as irritation, pride, oversensitivity, joy, uncertainty, expectations, anxieties, impatience, frequent crying or too much calmness and these vary in range each day. 

The nettlesome hormones of pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone are mostly responsible for all the fluctuating feelings.  

Husband’s role:

Not to forget husbands are the companion of this roller coaster ride. He plays a substantial role in nurturing his wife and baby with unconditional support. He is pregnant too, therefore it becomes a huge responsibility for the husband to be concerned and conciliate her mood swings during pregnancy. His mental preparation is vital towards the mood swings of pregnancy and would come in extremely handy for balancing out the irrationalities.

Why do mood swings occur?

The Body is working overtime in creating life from within. It’s a mammoth of a task for the woman’s anatomy to restructure itself.  In being able to supply it constantly with the required nutrients, a large proportion of her energy and mental stability gets consumed. Hormones are frantically flowing through her veins, these discomforts of pregnancy lead her to behave the way she does especially in the first and last trimesters.

How do husbands bring a balance?

Husbands themselves are undergoing a huge change of role in their life. They at times are caught unguarded and clueless as to, “what to expect?” Their effort of pacifying can completely go futile at times. However, her insecurities grow extensively due to her physical changes and she may react dramatically over trivial issues, it’s crucial that the husband is aware that it is due to hormones only and should not let those tantrums affect their relationship.    

Things husband can do to make her feel better.

Be compassionate towards her mood swings: Lend an ear and listen to everything she has to share with great empathy. Make her anxieties your own and feel her pain. Respond with care and tolerance towards her nuances. 

Do acknowledge her condition at all times, understand her stress is due to her hormones and her outburst however irrational, is only temporary. 

Pamper her in these ways: 

She is changing drastically. She doesn’t look or feel the same and treats her relationships differently. This is when the husbands need to rise up to the occasion with a whole lot of mush and love. Partners have to use words and actions filled with adoration and admiration towards their pregnant wife’s. Date them often and keep the passion ignited. 

Assure her of your attraction towards her by surprising her with romantic ventures. Watch movies, shop and do all her favourite things together. It’s the husband's love and attention that shall emancipate her from her timely miseries.

Take good care of her Health: 

The right food and the right exercise are the way to sound mind and body during pregnancy phase. She needs both, Husbands can make it inclusive, being their healthy diet partner and work out companion. 

 They can visit pregnancy health care centres together, couples are taught to breathe, exercise and meditate effectively and manage the anxiety together. Also, a lot of healthy tips are shared by doctors and other pregnant couples, which surely soothe your anxieties and keep you prepared to face the coming months.

These mood swings won’t last but the love and attention you give her during this time will carve its way through her and your baby’s heart. 

Partners do use these tips to understand your better half better. Right from the time she confirms her pregnancy on Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit be by her side supporting her and handling her mood swings during pregnancy in the ways with the little help provided by the above blog.


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