Myths & Facts Breastfeeding Moms Should Know

Myths & Facts Breastfeeding Moms Should Know

While you were happy with that double line on your pregnancy detection kit, the anxiety and worry that comes with it are inevitable. You delivered a baby and are new to this whole mom thing. Your loved ones will be there to give you advise regarding nursing and parenting that might be conflicting at times. You might also find a lot of information on the internet about breastfeeding. Some might be true some may not. So, we are here to bust all your myths and state the facts.

Myths and Facts About Breastfeeding -

Myth #1 – Breastfeeding is painful

Fact – Breastfeeding does not really hurt. It does take some time for new moms to adjust to the feeling of breastfeeding their baby. You might feel some discomfort in the start figuring out the right position for breastfeeding. Make sure your baby is correctly attached to the breast. Your nipples may also become sensitive when you start breastfeeding. This is because of the increased hormone level after delivery and continue contact with your baby during feeding. Breastfeeding is not supposed to be painful but if you are experiencing pain or sore nipples then consult your doctor.

Myth #2 – You should only eat plain bland foods while breastfeeding

Fact – This is not true at all. Babies get accustomed to what their mothers eat since they are in the womb. So, no need to make any alteration to your diet as it is important to have a balanced diet. Avoid certain foods that may cause allergic reaction like shellfish, peanuts, soy. You can always consult your doctor to seek advice.

Myth #3 - You can’t take medicines if you breastfeed

Fact – Though taking any medicines is not harmful, you should consult your doctor before taking any medications. You should inform your doctor that you are breastfeeding before taking any medications.

Myth #4 – It's hard to wean a baby if you breastfeed for more than a year

Fact – While there is no true evidence for this myth it is true that breastfeeding for up to 2 years is beneficial for both mother and the baby. It is different for every mother and baby and you can determine how long you want to breastfeed your baby.

Myth #5 – Many mothers can’t produce enough milk

Fact – This is not true. All the mothers produce enough amount of milk. The milk production depends on many factors like how well the baby is latched to the breast, how frequently do you breastfeed and how well the baby is able to suck milk from the breast. It does not depend on the size of your breasts or its fullness.

It’s Your Own Journey

Every mother has a different experience of breastfeeding. Hope this blog helped you to get over some of these myths and will help you in your new-mom journey. You can consult your doctor in case of any queries and ask for advise to help you in this new journey. For other topics related to pregnancy, you can check out blogs on and if there’s another good news on the way, you can always use Pregakem’s pregnancy test kit to be sure.


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