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Every parent wants their kid to be safe and sound. Home is a place where kids grow up, learn, where there is a certain comfort, care, and love. Kids need to feel safe when they are at home. But you certainly can’t avoid the falling, crashing, slipping and tumbling every now and then. All of this is a part of growing up and basically being a kid. However, there are little ways in which every parent can ensure that their kids can avoid serious injuries and remain safe.

Here are some safety tips for kids that parents can easily incorporate in their lives:

1. Never leave kids unattended near water:

Kids love to splash around water. Sure, it seems all fun and play, but it can be a serious and possible hazard. Even if it's just for a minute or even a few seconds, never leave your kid alone near water. If your kid is in the bathtub and the doorbell rings, make sure that you take your baby out, wrap him in a towel and take him along.

2. Keep chemicals and cleaning materials away:

Many household products, right from deodorants to detergents are dangerous around kids as they might swallow it. Install cabinet guards or childproof it completely to ensure your kids’ safety. Do not keep harmful things in containers that your child might confuse with food. Keep such things away from kids, probably in higher cabinets that are away from their reach. This also includes medicines, cosmetics, small items, toiletries or even mouthwash.

3. Keep bed/crib to the bare minimum:

A child, especially a baby’s sleeping area should have the bare minimum things around. Anything extra, like a fluffy pillow or soft toys, could end up suffocating your baby. Use only one blanket to cover the baby and tuck the ends underneath the mattress. The blanket should also reach only till the chest so that the baby can’t pull it over his head. And when the weather starts getting cooler, put on a warmer nightdress on your baby instead of increasing the number of blankets. 

4. Cover electric sockets:

Electric shocks are of the most common causes of injuries in kids. Ensure that you have a proper grounding, all the electric sockets are covered, there are no loose wires around the house or there are no unattended electric appliances lying around in the house. 

5. Secure windows and doors:

Another common type of injury is accidental falls. Never leave your child unattended on the bed or even on the kitchen counter. Ensure that the hallways or stair are clutter free so that your child doesn’t trip and tumble on anything. You can also install gates on staircases to block the child’s entry or easy access. Keep the windows locked and secure so that your child doesn’t fall out accidentally.  

6. Car seat:

Parents generally make their babies sit on their laps while traveling by car, but this is very risky. A child needs a seatbelt of his own to ensure his safety at the time of an accident. Ensure that you have installed a kid’s car seat in the back seat and that you strap your baby well with a seatbelt. 

These were some basic safety tips for kids to keep them away from danger as much as possible. Sure, they’ll keep bumping into things and falling around here and there, but that’s a part of growing up. If you have more such tips then drop them in the comments section and help the fellow readers as well.


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