6 Breastfeeding Positions That Make Nursing Easier

  • January 11, 2018
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breast feeding tips post pregnancy

Once you’ve endured the entire journey of your pregnancy, the next phase of your journey – that is, nurturing the new born baby begins. For at least the first six months after its birth, the baby will need to be exclusively breastfed for optimal growth and development. While breastfeeding accounts for a natural motherly instinct, it isn’t always a smooth-sailing journey. Many moms face difficulties and discomfort when it comes to breastfeeding their baby in the initial days. Considering the amount of time you’ll be spending feeding the baby, – especially when you’re recovering from the strain of pregnancy and delivery. To help you out, we’ve put together some relaxing nursing positions that make nursing a whole lot easier.

1. Laidback
This is a very common position, and you may already be adopting this position to feed your little one. All you have to do is choose your favourite spot – the couch, your bed or a recliner. Lean against the backrest at a 45-degree angle or until your back is comfortable. Place the baby face down, on your breast. Make sure the baby’s arms are holding your breast on both sides.

2. The clutch-hold
This is a very simple and comfortable position. Sit in a laidback position with your legs crossed. With one hand, hold your baby under your arm by your side. Use your other hand to guide and hold the breast nearest to your baby (if the baby is on the right side, then use your right breast to feed). Once the baby has latched on to you, use your left hand to hold its head.

3. Lying on your side
This position is useful when you’re in bed. Just lie down on your side, making sure the baby is facing you. Bring the baby closer to you, until it can easily latch on to the lower breast (i.e. the breast touching the bed). Support the baby with your right hand if you’re lying on your left, and left hand if you’re lying on your right. You can also sit upright and let the baby latch on to you, and slowly lie down on the side, to get into this position easily.

4. Cross-Cradle position
This is the most common breastfeeding position among all mothers and it’s also one that comes in useful when you need to feed the baby in a public place. This is also the perfect position if you want to see whether the baby has latched well and is feeding properly. Bring your baby across your belly such that the baby’s belly is touching yours. If you’re nursing the baby on the left side, hold its head/neck with your right hand, and guide your breast to the baby’s mouth with your left hand.

5. Cradle position
Like in cross-cradling, you’re cradling the baby in this position too. However, in the cradle position you hold the baby with arm on the same side as the breast you’re feeding from. This position is useful when you’re just getting used to breastfeeding. Use a pillow or an armrest to support your elbows while feeding.

6. Sit upright
Also called as the Koala Hold, in this position, you’re sitting upright and holding the baby upright too – much like how a Koala hugs a tree! The baby should be facing you, its legs almost curling around your upper body. Your one arm should be supporting the baby, while the other arm should be holding your breast.

Feel free to keep switching between these positions as per your comfort. Make sure you’re sitting or lying down in a quite and comfortable spot. Keep gadgets away to avoid distractions. Use this time to nurture that special bond only you share with your baby! If you have any doubts regarding nursing the baby post pregnancy ask us in the comments!

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