Post-delivery conversations - you can have with your partner


Being pregnant and being in the delivery room can be exhausting not only for the mother but also for the new father! It can turn the whole situation around for either of the partners as a conversation can make or break the day. Instead of ‘guessing’ what the other person wants, it is always better to have ‘the conversation.’ 

Here are some tips and examples of the post-delivery conversations you can have with your partner to start the journey on the right foot!

1. Hugs and Kisses:

Actions speak louder than words. And sometimes you just don’t need any words to put across your emotions. Give your partner a massive hug and lots of kisses right after the delivery. Especially as a new father, try to shower your wife with hugs and kisses! Keep reminding her that she did a great job! Such actions can speak volumes if you are falling short on words. 

2. Ask if they need anything:

The baby grabs everyone’s attention the moment theyarrive. But amidst this, don’t forget the needs of your partner as well. Keep asking your partner if they are okay or if they need anything. Keep an eye on your baby, but don’t forget to be available for your partner as well. Sometimes your partner might shy away or push back theirneeds in such a situation, but be there for them and ask! Asking is always better than assuming that they will tell you as and when they need something. 

3. Capture the moment:

Sure you must have had this conversation during your pregnancy. But the emotions and feelings post-delivery can vary from the original plan. So before you go all crazy with capturing the moment, take the consent from your partner, just to make sure that they are comfortable with the camera. Just having this small conversation, reassures your partner that their opinion matters to you, and this goes a long way in strengthening your bond.

4. Share your experiences:

This is another great conversation that every couple must have post-delivery. While one partner was pushing a baby out, and the other one was running around handling other things and being there for her, both of the experiences are completely different. Share with your partner everything that you went through during the delivery. It is vital to know each other’s point of views and stories. 

5. Forgive each other:

A lot of times, couples tend to get mad at each other because they didn’t do a certain thing in a certain manner during the delivery. But instead of getting mad at your partner when you have such an amazing occasion to celebrate, try and talk things through. Discuss with your partner about how you felt about a situation and what you think went wrong. Try to listen and understand your partner’s perspective as well. And try to resolve the discussion as soon as possible. Enjoy this new phase together and in a happy spirit, because nothing else is really as important. Forgive each other for any mistakes and move on, happily and together.

These were some post-delivery conversations you can have with your partner and embark upon this happy journey! What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments section below! 


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